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As we call it the “science of life,” Ayurveda has many hidden treasures for our overall well-being. It consists of many wonderful herbs that can improve our cognitive, mental, emotional and physical abilities. If you exercise every day to keep your body and mind in balance, you must focus on your recovery phase. Muscle recovery after an intense workout has a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Muscle Recovery 

Improves mobility, stability and flexibility in the body
Reduces the risk of injury and helps muscle building 
Increases strength and build stamina 
Restores energy and repair damaged tissues
Prevents the risk of muscle breakdown and fatigue 
Improves performances and induces a healthy sleep cycle
Repairs fibroblasts cells and clears out metabolic waste

Three Herbs That Enhance Muscle Recovery 

Are you taking any protein powders or protein shakes for better fitness and muscle growth? Are you satisfied with the results? If not, you should probably try a protein powder that is fortified with essential ayurvedic herbs. It will not only improve your performance but will relax your muscle spasm and help with faster recovery. 


Ashwagandha is recognised as the king of herbs and for the right reasons. It has a classification of being an adaptogen grown from the plant “Withania Somnifera”. Ayurveda experts consider Ashwagandha as one of the finest herbal medicines ever known in the history of humankind. Ashwagandha, when added to a protein powder for men and consumed daily can lead to wonderful results.   

Boosts stamina and reduce lactic acid levels
It helps to calm the body and rejuvenates it from within
Improves muscle recovery by relieving pain and inflammation
Speeds up muscle growth for better performance
Decreases cortisol level (the stress hormone) 
Supports physical and mental health


Otherwise known as the herb of grace, Brahmi is one of the most revitalising medicines in Ayurveda. Also known to balance Pitta and reduce Kapha in the body. Many researchers believe Brahmi can alleviate stress and anxiety for faster muscle recovery after an intense workout when taken as a medicine or added to a protein shake in moderate quantities.   

Improves brain function and memory
Protects cell damage caused by free radicals 
Fights anxiety and stress for a speedy recovery 
Reduces inflammation and pain
Improves blood circulation in the body
Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness 


A robust immune system is imperative for all of us, especially athletes and fitness experts that do an intense workout. In modern science, this excellent herb is gaining a lot of popularity as an incredible nutritional supplement. Although fitness experts believe Moringa is the best protein for pre-workout as it helps strong muscle contraction and benefits the muscles when they are in the resting phase.  

Contains 18 amino acids that help to build blocks in the muscles
Has fewer calories and is rich in protein 
Fights waste buildup, muscle exhaustion and cell damage
Improves haemoglobin and glycogen reserves 
Reduces triglycerides, lactic acid and urea
Heals and maintains healthy bones and enhances recovery 
Has natural anti-inflammatory property to fight pain and swelling 


OZiva Protein and Herbs is crafted with cold-pressed and ultrafiltered whey protein and contains additional ayurvedic herbs such as Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Chlorella, Moringa and more. OZiva also has plant protein blend choices, and all options are gluten-free, soy-free, no added preservatives or additives, and is also sugar-free. So for better health, choose OZiva.

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