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It is a commonly known fact that calcium is essential for strong bones. However, calcium holds great importance for women’s health. Women are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis, and therefore, they must consume calcium religiously. In various stages of life, calcium is required in different amounts in women’s lives. In the later twenties and thirties, bone mass is lost, and to avoid that, women may have to consume additional calcium supplements.

Women require more calcium than men because their bones are more likely to lose mass as they age. This is because of several factors like hormones, pregnancy, etc. Osteoporosis is most likely to occur in post-menopausal women. The period before menopause is crucial  for reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Role of Diet in Calcium Absorption 

Though there are several foods that are rich sources of calcium, it isn’t always possible to frame a diet based on these foods only. Therefore, calcium supplements are needed to reach the daily required quantity of calcium. Foods like low-fat milk, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, legumes, nuts, yogurt, etc., have high amounts of calcium and should be incorporated by pre-menopausal women into their diets.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, while consuming these calcium-rich foods, it is important to reduce the intake of foods that promote calcium excretion. For example, sodium is known to excrete calcium from the body. Therefore, sodium should be reduced in the diet to ensure maximum absorption of calcium. In this regard, low sodium foods like yogurt which also contain calcium, are better than high sodium foods like cheese, which contain high sodium and lesser calcium.

If you’re unable to meet your daily calcium requirements through diet, then calcium supplements can help you achieve your goals. ,. Calcium supplements can be of many types and compositions and based on suitability, plant-based supplements such as OZiva HerBones (for women above 30) or OZiva Bettr. CalD3+ (for all above 30) or rock-based supplements like calcium citrate and calcium carbonate supplements can be taken.

Role of Calcium

Women reach their peak bone density during their adolescent years, after which the bone mass is gradually lost. Strong bones also mean a lesser risk of fractures. Fractures at an older age are harder to recover from.

Calcium is essential for blood clotting.

Calcium helps to avoid symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Younger women who are experiencing PMS symptoms should consume more calcium to reduce the triggering of oestrogen and progesterone.

Calcium deficiency can sometimes cause skin damage in the form of white spots on the face and body. Calcium adds a glow to the skin and helps repair damaged skin cells faster.

Calcium helps in weight management. Research indicates that calcium inhibits the production of hormones that promote fat accumulation.


Thus, calcium plays an excessively important role in women’s health, especially since the late twenties. Calcium supplements are a good option to ensure strong bones and plant-based calcium supplements such as OZiva HerBones can be an excellent choice since it helps in balancing oestrogen, supports 3x calcium absorption, is vegan-friendly and is soy- and gluten-free. Take the right choice for your health today!

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