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Struggling to gain weight might be a difficult issue for some people. The fitness industry does not pay attention to weight gain because most people are trying to lose weight.

There is a common perception that you can gain weight by eating whatever you want. However, this is not true for everyone, you will gain more fat than muscle if you don’t eat healthfully.

  • Eat Whey Protein Before And After Workout :


Prior to training sessions around 30 – 45 minutes you should have fast digesting protein such as whey. Many studies have proven that drinking whey before workout help in efficient blood flow.

It will help you during your workout session.

Furthermore, consuming whey proteins in pre workout have also shown good results for muscle protein synthesis.


No wonder that Whey Protein is the supreme of all for the post-workout nutrition. Several types of research have shown that ingesting whey protein immediately after the workout speeds up the protein synthesis rate and thereby promote muscle growth.  

Also very important advantage of whey protein in the post workout shake is that it fights with cortisol( stress hormone, produced after long intense workout) and thereby lowers muscle breakdown and boosts up recovery.

  • Eat Slow Carbs Before Workout And Fast Carbs After Workout:

 Try to include slow carbs in meals daily. Even before workout, eat slow carbs like oatmeal with large piece of fruit with whole grain bread. The reason behind having slow carbs before a workout is that it provides you with more energy during the workout but also burn more amount of fat during the training session. Moreover having good amount of slow carbs throughout the day will make you feel less hungry.

 On the other hand, post workout meal should be fast carbs like dextrose monohydrate instead of slow carbs. Fast carbs will increase anabolic hormone level which will refuel your glycogen stores in the muscle so that you have enough energy for the next workout. Fast carbs also aid in the efficient delivery of amino acids such as whey protein and other nutrients to the muscle.

  • Eat more protein :

 Out of the three macronutrients carbohydrates, fats and proteins, only protein helps in building muscle mass. For gaining good amount of muscle mass recommended protein intake is atleast 1.4  gram per kilogram of bodyweight on workout days and 1.6 grams  per kilogram of bodyweight on recovery days. To get daily requirement of protein through your diet include eggs, chicken, fish, nuts , milk and milk products along with whey protein shake. To gain weight wisely, you can add protein shakes to your diet. 

  • Eat Fats Too :

To gain mass you will have to increases the intake of healthy fats. Eating healthy fat is advantageous in two ways – first higher the intake of fat higher the testosterone levels and testosterone helps in muscle growth.

Secondly fats can speed up the recovery of joints which can get over stressed in training sessions. Fats can also help in protecting joints during heavy training sessions. Most of your fat should come in from peanut butter, walnuts, salmon and olive oil. Consume at least 20 to 25 % of total calorie of the day on training days while on rest days eat 30 to 35% of total calorie of the day.



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