The article will honestly tell you everything you need to know about the safety of consuming creatine, what it can or cannot do to your kidneys, liver or heart. Creatine is one of the most popular fitness and workout supplements today because of its various benefits.

Most study says that many people and professional bodybuilders use it to increase muscle growth, power and strength.Researchers are interested in creatine and how it interacts with various medical conditions and sport settings.

Studies have shown that this supplement can cause fluid retention and this is not a big surprise. If you worry about that you are going to look bloated I must tell you that fluid retention will happen only in muscles, so your muscles are going to look a little bigger. So don’t worry about it is not dangerous. Another side effect is stomach distress but this happen when you take too many supplements in a day on an empty stomach. This can be solved by taking smaller doses, food intake and increase your water intake.

Diarrhea is another side effect that bodybuilders usually face if they take more supplements in one dose. There is no way to solve this fast as your body cannot absorb larger quantities of creatine therefore take smaller doses rest of the days. Creatine cannot cause major side effects but you need to learn how to use creatine and how it is safe to take daily.

How Much Creatine Is Safe To Take Daily

It is scientifically proven that the human body can absorb around one to three grams of creatine so your body will react to smaller dosages than to the bigger ones when absorption decreases. Even if you take too much, your body will absorb it slowly that is why you cannot overdose on this supplement. Another good thing is that Creatine Monohydrate have proven to increase athletic performance, improves muscles volume and speed. Professional medical researcher’s advice 5 grams of creatine safe for consumption.

If you regularly want to use creatine you can have one to two times in a day when you take your regular post or pre workout shakes.

You can take creatine supplements for muscle growth through a “loading phase”, a well known bodybuilding term and have at least eight to twelve glasses of water daily when using it. It has zero calories and can be use safely with other supplements.

 Is Creatine Safe For Women?

Creatine will work only if you work out. It will help your muscles to get the required nutrients they need to recover after a hard workout session. Creatine will help you in achieving your goal by burning fat and also in strengthening muscles and body. Yes, it is safe for women as long as it is dosed properly with healthy food intake. Women can take 3 to 5 grams on a daily basis and most effective time is after workout and early in the morning before workout.

 Conclusion – Is Creatine Supplements Safe?

Looking at researches, creaine is safe to use and will not cause damage to your kidneys, liver and

heart. Therefore there is no reason to be scared of creatine. It is cheap, safe and it works. Take

around 5 grams per day and you are good to go.




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