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In modern time people are more health conscious and are more aware about their diet. Everyone wants to have a perfect figure and health and make sure we follow certain rules and diet patterns to achieve our goals.

To achieve the desire goal we perform activities and we do lose fat but then our health is the question, which happens due to our exposure to the growing technology. Our habits have changed due to increasing technology and unknowingly it affects our body systems and deteriorates body from the standard functionality.

 Here are few habits that are making you fat:

Increased Stress:

  • One of the most important habits that do not allow us to reach our fitness goals is the increased level of stress.
  • Chronic stress secretes cortisol, stress hormone that suppresses sleep and muscle growing hormones. With long exposure to chronic stress, one cannot control on its own. It does not allow body to work its regular cycle and forces a person to stay awake for long time.
  •  To decrease the stress level try to get a peaceful sleep, you should avoid engaging in heavy physical activities in the evening and also decrease the amount of caffeine.


Irregular Sleeping Pattern:

  • Traditionally people believe that fats accumulate with more of sleep but technically the more you sleep the more you burn. Sleep releases growth hormone which allows you to stay healthy, but lesser amount of quality sleep leads to lower release of growth hormones as well as increase in grehlin, hunger hormone, which eventually permits the accumulation of fats.
  • Also make sure that you have a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of peaceful sleep in a day with dark and cold environment.


Sedentary Lifestyle:

  • Our sitting postures and timings have let the fat build its space in our body. Researches say that when you sit for more than four hours you are likely to add up fats in the body.
  • People are sitting for hours while watching TV, while travelling, in front of computers and because of this fats make their special places in the body.
  • So, make sure that you always sit in a proper posture and take small breaks in between or even get some brisk walk now and then just to keep everything healthy.
  • You can also look for the adjustable standing desk so that you don’t always need to sit while working.


You consume too much salt:

  • You must have heard people saying the number of calories you consume is the only important thing you need to be careful about while dieting. But this is not the truth as there are many other factors that influence your weight and overall health.
  • One of the factors is your salt intake. If you consume too much salt it will cause your body to hold on more water than you actually need. This result in making you look fatter and weigh more than you should.
  • So decreasing your salt intake can help you lose that extra water weight. Make sure avoid having more than 5 grams of salt a day and drink a lot of fluids to clean your body from it.

 Whenever you start to plan your diet schedules and your workout routine, make sure that you keep these things in mind which will help you in achieving your health goals. In today’s time apart from focusing from the diet, one also needs to focus on his or her lifestyle. Lifestyle plays an important role affecting the overall health of an individual. 



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