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Healthy-looking, strong, glossy hair is seen as a universal sign of good health and beauty. However, getting this healthy hair requires a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to take care of different aspects of hair health like shine, damage repair, growth and hair fall control. 

In fact, research shows that hair fall is actually linked to several nutritional deficiencies. Factors like age, genetics and hormones also affect hair growth, in fact, but getting optimal hair vitamins and minerals is key to good hair health. Below are a list of essential vitamins for hair growth, and which products contain them:

1. Vitamin A 

All cells, in fact, require Vitamin A to grow. It makes sense that your hair requires it too. Vitamin A induces the skin glands to produce more sebum, an oily substance that helps moisturise the scalp and keep the hair healthy. A Vitamin A deficiency could possibly be connected to hair loss.

OZiva Hair Vitamins contain vitamins for hair growth including Vitamin A, B-Complex, E and C, and other minerals like Zinc and Omega-3. These hair vitamins are useful for hair growth and nourishment. 

2. B-Vitamins for Hair

One of the best-known vitamins for hair growth is Biotin, which is water-soluble and also known as Vitamin B7. Some studies have found a connection between a Biotin deficiency and hair loss. Biotin helps strengthen hair follicles, stimulate their growth, and repair damaged hair. 

Other B-Vitamins help create red blood cells, which carry various hair nutrients and vitamins for hair growth to the scalp, which is important for hair growth. 

OZiva Plant Based Biotin contains around 10000mcg+ of Biotin extracted from natural Sesbania Agati. This Certified Clean and Vegan Biotin powder supports 2X Better Hair Follicle Stimulation*.  

OZiva Biotin Xtra contains 7000 mcg+ Biotin along with natural Keratin Builder blends and it supports 2X Better Hair Regeneration* for hair regrowth, repair of damaged strands, and hair quality improvement. Hair is made up of around 85-90% keratin, so it needs to be replenished for healthy hair. OZiva Hair Multivitamin Gummies contain 100% RDA of plant-based Biotin (obtained from Sesbania Agati), which helps stimulate keratin production in your hair, which helps repair damaged hair, improve hair quality and the strength and elasticity of your cortex (thickest layer of hair).

3. Iron 

Iron assists red blood cells in carrying oxygen along to your cells. This makes it a highly essential mineral for several body functions, especially hair growth. Iron deficiency leads to anaemia, which is particularly common amongst women. It can be a major cause of hair loss. 

OZiva Hair Multivitamins Gummies are Biotin hair gummies that contain Iron that helps increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the hair follicle and scalp, thus preventing hair fall and supporting 4X Better Hair Fall Management*. 

4. Vitamin E for Hair

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are both strong antioxidants. When it comes to hair health, they can help reduce oxidative stress. Vitamin E is a contributor towards glowing skin and helps increase the strength and shine in your hair. 

OZiva Hair Vitamins contain Vitamin E as part of its rich vitamins and minerals profile. 

5. Vitamin C 

Damage from free radicals can lead to major consequences for your body. One of its symptoms is blocking easy hair growth and causing your hairs to age (or fall out faster than they should be at your age). Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and one of strongest vitamins for hair growth. 

Vitamin C helps improve the shininess of your hair and even helps create Collagen in the body. While Collagen is an important protein for anti-ageing it is also helpful for hair health and keeping hair young. 

OZiva Biotin contains Vitamin C through Amla, which supports hair growth. OZiva Hair Vitamins also contain Vitamin C for better hair nourishment and to increase hair shine. 

6. Zinc 

Aside from Iron, Zinc is probably the most important mineral for hair growth. It plays an important role in the repair of hair tissue. Zinc deficiency may also contribute towards hair loss, so taking Zinc is vitally important. 

In OZiva Hair Vitamins, Zinc supports stronger hair hair growth and nourishment from the inside out. 

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