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Everyone wants healthy, strong and stunning hair! However, your diet might not contain adequate nutrients to support this dream hair. To get this special nutrition, you might want to try Biotin for hair. Biotin is a water-soluble B-Vitamin that has been scientifically studied to improve hair health – increasing hair volume and scalp coverage, resulting in shinier hair, and helping to reduce hairfall. 

The good news is that you can easily find Biotin supplements in the market. However, there is so much choice out there if you want to take it! From Biotin capsules to Biotin hair gummies, they’ve got it all! So which form of Biotin should you pick?

Read this article to understand the various forms of Biotin. OZiva has a Biotin supplement in every one of these forms, so you can shop your desired choice post our discussion! 

  • The classic Biotin powder 

Biotin powder is probably the most common form of the supplement, along with Biotin capsules. Some of the advantages of powders are: 

  1. Powders usually have the advantage of ensuring faster absorption throughout the body, as powdered supplements do not have barriers. 
  2. Powders can pack a larger amount of nutrients into them due to being less concentrated than capsules 
  3. They can also come in delicious flavours like lemon and can enhance your tasting experience when mixed with smoothies or desserts. 

Some people cannot get their minds around taking capsules, so Biotin powder would be ideal in that case.

OZiva Biotin is a clean, plant-based Biotin powder that contains 10000 mcg+ of Biotin drawn from the Sesbania Agati extract. This Biotin powder supports 2X better hair follicle stimulation* for better hair growth, hair fall control and stronger, healthier hair. It is Certified Clean by the US CLP and Certified Vegan by the Vegan Society of UK. It has helped over 150000 customers with improved hair growth within a matter of weeks. 

OZiva Biotin Other Market Products
Scientifically Proven To Provide

2X Better Benefits

Not Scientifically Proven
Plant-Based i.e 100% Natural Synthetic, derived from industrial solvents and chemicals in the lab
Certified by US CLP, no chemicals or harmful ingredients- Pesticide Free Certifications Contains harmful ingredients like artificial sweeteners, Maltodextrin and others
Other nutrients for added benefits to hair and skin No additional nutrients or benefits offered

“6 months in, my hair has never felt healthier – texture is better, growth is visible and my bald spots have reduced. I feel like I’ve finally broken the vicious cycle of hair fall causing me stress and stress causing me hair fall.”

– Varsha Shridhar, user of OZiva Biotin


  • The reliable Biotin capsule 

If Biotin powder is not the one for you, then why not go for Biotin capsules? Capsules have their own advantages over powders:

  1. You can take your Biotin capsules everywhere, from home to the gym and even when you travel. Everything is contained in a protective shell 
  2. Capsules are usually tasteless, so you can take your Biotin capsules with other supplements freely without worrying about contrasting flavours and their effect on your stomach 
  3. Capsules often have a delayed release in the body, which is useful if you are taking them on a delicate stomach. 

If you want a clean, fuss-free experience consuming Biotin, then you can try out Biotin capsules. 

OZiva Plant Based Biotin Xtra are Biotin capsules that contain around 7000 mcg+ of Biotin drawn from the Sesbania Agati extract. These Biotin capsules also contain a Keratin Builder blend to naturally build Keratin in the body. Hair is made up of around 85-90% Keratin, so these capsules support 2X better hair regeneration*. This means repair of damaged hair, and regrowth of new hair. These Biotin capsules are a relatively new launch, but have helped hundreds of customers repair hair previously damaged. 

OZiva Biotin Xtra Other Market Products
Scientifically Studied To Provide2X Better Benefits Not Scientifically Studied 
Plant-Based Biotin extracted from Sesbania Agati  Synthetic sources, made from chemicals
Provides Vegan Keratin Builders to help smoothen hair naturally  Keratin from animal sources 
100% clean and safe for long terms consumption Contains artificial ingredients like preservatives


“It is an amazing product for your hair. My hairs were very thin and were not lustrous but since I started using this, the quality of my hair is getting better and better after each use. It contains biotin which is very good for your hair growth and thickness and shine. Must-buy product. Totally worth the money!”

— Sanskriti, user of OZiva Biotin capsules 

  • The fun Biotin gummies for hair care 

Some people find it difficult to consume both powders and capsules! They might also want their Biotin consumption to be a little fun and quirky. In that case, Biotin hair gummies might be perfect for your hair care and management. Here are some advantages of Biotin hair gummies:

  1. Biotin hair gummies are often available in delicious flavours ranging from grape to raw mango to orange 
  2. Gummies are usually easier to swallow and do not have an unusual smell. They can make taking your nutrients like Biotin much easier! 
  3. Gummies allow for plenty of extra nutrients to be mixed up with the Biotin (including Keratin, Iron, other vitamins and minerals). 

Biotin hair gummies may encourage you to take your Biotin regularly. Plus they appeal to just about everyone! 

OZiva Hair Multivitamins Gummies are Biotin Hair Gummies which mix Biotin, hair vitamins, and Keratin-building Ayurvedic herbs. This mix supports 4X better hair fall management*, hair growth, and improved hair quality through the repair of damaged hair. It contains 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Biotin drawn from Sesbania Agati extract. These gummies are of a delicious raw mango flavour. They are pectin-based and contain Citrus Peel that gives you a cleaner, shorter bite with easy chewing. Unlike other market Biotin hair gummies, it contains no artificial sweeteners or added sugar. 

These gummies are OZiva’s newest launch, but they have begun to help many customers reduce their hair fall. 

OZiva Hair Multivitamin Gummies  Others 
Unique combination of 100% natural Hair Vitamins & Keratin-Building herbs.  Provide only synthetic Biotin & Keratin.
No added sugar, uses Chicory root in the base to match sweetness and support flavour  Contain artificial sweeteners and added sugar 
Completely natural, vegan, &  plant-based and helps to build keratin naturally in the body Use synthetic keratin or keratin obtained from non-vegetarian sources like feathers
Pectin-based, gelatin-free gummy without artificial colour and flavour.  Contain gelatin from animal sources, artificial colour and flavouring


“I found these gummies online and decided to get them just to give them a try. I was looking for a natural solution to my hair problems, and since this is vegan and entirely natural, I figured it wouldn’t have any adverse effects. I have to admit that the outcomes truly surprised me. I’m getting good effects on my hair, and it’s just great in every way, including flavour and packaging. I would also suggest it to other people.”

– Gurdeep, user of OZiva Biotin Hair gummies

  • The refreshing fizzy drink 

The last and final option of Biotin consumption on this list – the refreshing Biotin fizzy drink! If you would like your Biotin to be similar to a juice, then this is the one for you! Some advantages of fizzy drinks:

  1. Like gummies, Biotin fizzy drinks come in tasty flavours 
  2. They make taking your nutrients fun and effective by coming in an effervescent form. 
  3. They are easily absorbed by the body and soluble in water 

OZiva Plant Based Biotin Fizzy Drink Mix contains Biotin from the standardised extract of sesbania Agati. It is designed to provide you 2500+mcg of biotin in one serving. Biotin acts as a cofactor for an enzyme involved in protein synthesis, mainly keratin, and improves the health of your hair, skin and nails. They come in an interesting form factor which is easily absorbable, making it a no-hassle nutritious drink. 

They have helped hundreds of happy customers improve their hair, skin and nail health. 

OZiva Biotin Fizzy Drink  Others 
2500 mcg+ natural Biotin from Sesbania Agati extract Biotin from synthetic sources 
Very easily absorbed and bioavailable  Might be difficult to absorb 
Additional support for nourished skin and healthy nails  May only support healthy hair

“This one is my favourite, easy to drink, tastes like limca, and it really works awesome on hair, skin and my nails. It also helps improve immunity, stamina, glucose intolerance, energy, metabolism, healthy blood cells, active lifestyle, and neural health.”

– Dr. Vanshika, user of OZiva Biotin Fizzy Drink Mix 

Pick your favourite form of Biotin! 

Biotin capsules, powder, gummies or fizzy drinks – pick the one you would most like to try! All have their advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately it depends on what you want to include in your regime for healthy hair, hair growth and hair fall control. 

Shop your favourite OZiva Biotin here! 

Read more on our Biotin products here. 

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