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Healthy hair plays a crucial role in adding that wow factor to your personality. However, with the ever-increasing pollution and stress, it has become common to experience an array of hair problems like hair thinning, roughness, hair fall, and more. 

But how do you deal with hair problems and maintain hair health? The answer is nutrition.

The role of essential nutrition plays a vital role in treating hair loss by boosting immune cell function and hair follicle development. And among the nutrients, vitamins (A, B complex, C, D, and E) play an important role in regulating hair health. 

You can always intake vitamins through your diet. But sometimes diet alone is not enough to meet your daily requirement of these micronutrients. That’s where supplements prove to be helpful solutions. 

And if the supplements are plant-based and clean, from a certified brand like OZiva, then you can be assured of its effectiveness. So, read on to know all about OZiva Hair Vitamins!

How are OZiva Hair Vitamins good for hair?

OZiva Hair Vitamins have a formulation with its roots embedded in timeless Ayurveda. Our Hair Vitamins come loaded with the goodness of multivitamins, enriched with DHT Blocker and Omega-3. 

What more? Our Hair Vitamins are completely plant-based, devoid of any artificial preservatives and additives. They are also gluten, soy, and sugar-free. Therefore, these vitamins for hair growth leave hair more volumised and smooth by generating new hair follicles.

What does OZiva Hair Vitamins contain?

Our supplement for hair is a powerhouse of a multitude of vitamins, minerals, DHT Blockers, and Omega-3. 

Hair Vitamins & Minerals

Haircare demands the intake of an array of vitamins — A, B-complex, C, D, and E — along with minerals like iron and zinc to promote hair growth and strengthen hair.

Omega 3

Omega 3 helps deal with a multitude of hair problems owing to its resourceful properties. It keeps the scalp hydrated, thereby providing deep nourishment to the hair roots.

DHT Blockers

When it comes to preventing follicle shrinking, DHT Blockers effectively deal with it. They also minimise hair fall.

Are there any side effects of OZiva Hair Vitamins?

OZiva Hair Vitamins is completely plant-based. Hence, there are no side effects. 

However, it is still recommended to consult experts to ensure that these vitamins for hair growth do not react with existing medications. Seeking an expert’s opinion helps you gain insights into the potential benefits and risks. 

Also, it is necessary to follow the information related to the dosage on the label. The results do vary as per the lifestyle, food habits, and metabolism.

Key Takeaway

Intake of proper nutrients, especially vitamins, plays a significant role in your hair health. Plant-based supplements are a great way to support your diet in order to meet your daily vitamins requirement. OZiva Hair Vitamins are clean, devoid of potentially harmful ingredients, and completely derived from plants. However, it’s important to remember that it is not an overnight solution. The hair growth cycle varies between 3-6 months and thus it takes that much time for the product to give you results. It is important to be patient, take nutrition and exercise regularly to consume OZiva Hair Vitamins to fulfil your dream of gorgeous, healthy hair.

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