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bone health for women

Our cartilage is like a shield that protects our bones; if it wears away, our bones will rub against each other. The result will be pain, stiffness, and issues while making physical movements. Also, the other tissues near our joints (ligaments, tendons, and muscles) may face the repercussions. And this is what exactly happens in Osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a condition that causes inflammation in our bone joints. As per medical research, there are more than 100 different types of arthritis disease, and it has been proven that osteoarthritis affects our bone and cartilage the most. 

After the age of 45, osteoarthis is especially common in women. It usually occurs when the cartilage within the bones and joins breaks down and wears away. In some cases, all of it may wear away, leaving bones that rub up against each other and cause pain.

Let’s Know More About Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is supposed to be the most common type of arthritic disease. It reduces our bones’ calcium. It is also known as Degenerative Joint disease or Wear-and-Tear Arthritis or simply Arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a lifestyle disease caused by obesity, sports injuries, dietary factors, ethnicity, age, and sex and affects women’s health the most.

As we age, our body experiences natural wear-and-tear. Our bones become more exposed to each other. As such, we may become prone to Osteoarthritis. Still, we can definitely take some preventive measures to care for ourselves and decrease the risks. 

So, How to Prevent Osteoarthritis? 

Here is a curated list of a few dos and don’ts that will help you keep away from this illness to lead a healthy and happy life ahead. 

Skip the Stress of Osteoarthritis With Five Healthy Habits 

  • Maintain a healthy body weight 
    Be careful of your weight, as extra weight can stress your joints. Your hip area, knees, ankle, and feet may also get affected. If you feel that you’re overweight, it is best to consult your doctor or a good nutritionist on how you can keep your weight in check. 
  • Keep your blood sugar in control 
    Medical experts state that high blood sugar is mankind’s biggest enemy. It is also an alarming factor posing a risk for Osteoarthritis. Ensure you keep checking your blood sugar regularly; connect with a health caregiver or a doctor to find out ways to control it. 
  • Stay active at all times 
    Exercising is one of the best ways to prevent joint problems. Exercise strengthens your muscle density, which plays an important role in preventing any type of arthritis. Find the best suitable workout for your body type and practice it for at least 30 minutes daily. 
  • Keep away from any joint injuries 
    If your bones are already weak and brittle, it is best for you to not indulge in any rigorous activity or risk joint injury. Start your daily workout with a warm-up and make soft, gentle body movements and stretches to prevent physical injury. 
  • Don’t lift any heavy weight 
    Lifting extra heavy luggage can harm our bone health. It adds to our current body weight and stresses out the joints. This will lead to pain and discomfort. 

Key Takeaway

Maintaining bone health is crucial to preventing osteoarthritis. Apart from taking all the safety measures above, you must take care of your bone health through a balanced diet rich in Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K, and Magnesium

One way is to take clean, certified, plant-based calcium supplements like OZiva’s Bettr.CalD3+ that has plant-based Calcium, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 to ensure better bone health, stronger joints and muscle. It not only supports bone formation and preserves bone structure and function but also promotes better Calcium absorption and hormones that maintain Calcium level. It is also beneficial for relieving joint pain, reducing inflammation and promoting the healing process. 

You can also try out OZiva Plant Based HerBones for better bone health, bone strength & density. HerBones is particularly crafted to support excellent bone health in women.

So consume the right nutrition along with appropriate exercise that complements clean living as they boost your body’s ability to prevent diseases like Osteoarthritis and promote your overall health.

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