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Ever looked at your hands and imagined everything they do for you? Well, the moment is here now. Appreciate your hands for all the work they do.

If your brain comes up with ideas, it’s your hands that execute them. It’s also your hands that type up the presentation that you need to share with your boss. It is the same hands that help you cook up a storm in the kitchen. 

Our beautiful and strong hands do a lot for us, yet we never take care of them the way we should. Let us change this now. Here are some measures you can adopt to have and maintain strong bones

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Calcium for Strong Hands

Yes, you read it right. We need to up our calcium intake for strong hands.

Calcium is one of the most vital minerals required by a human body; it builds strong bones and teeth. It is also much needed by our heart and other body muscles so that they function smoothly. 

If our body doesn’t receive enough calcium, there are chances that we develop disorders like Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Hypocalcemia, etc. This is especially applicable to women’s health; calcium deficiency and the resulting bone diseases are a big issue as women age. 

So, it is always recommended that we consume calcium supplements in addition to our diet every day to sustain good bone health. Sufficient calcium intake builds strong bones and strong bones make happy hands!

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Exercise to Relax

Our hands often get tired and very often, we forget to relax them. So here are a few stretches for your hands and wrists. 

Here are three best exercises which you can try at home to ease your wrists.

  1. Extended Arm 
  • Extend your arm where your palm is facing up the ceiling 
  • Free your hands and press your fingers down towards the floor gently 
  • Pull your fingers back towards your body
  • Hold the same way for 10 to 30 seconds 
  1. Clenched Fists 
  • When you’re sitting comfortably, place your open hands on your thigh with palms facing up 
  • Close your hand slowly into the fists, and don’t clench it too tight
  • Your forearms should touch your legs and then raise your fists off your legs towards the back of your body by bending the wrist
  • Hold the same way for 10 seconds
  • Lower the fists and open your fingers widely and slowly 
  • Repeat the same activity ten times
  1. Finger Stretch 
  • Bring your little and ring fingers together. 
  • Set apart the middle and index fingers from your ring finger. 
  • Join your index and middle fingers on the left, ring and little fingers on the right. 
  • Apply force and stretch the coupled fingers far from each other. 
  • Repeat the stretch at least ten times. 

Key Takeaway

Every part of our body has a crucial role to play. Our hands are no different. They do a lot for us. So, we should take good care of them by exercising, stretching, and following a healthy diet. 

And, as for calcium supplements, we at OZiva have got your back!

OZiva’s clean, plant-based Bettr.CalD3+ ensures better bone health, stronger joints and muscle. It supports bone formation and preserves bone structure and function. It promotes better Calcium absorption and hormones that maintain Calcium level. Other than that, it relieves joint pain, reduces inflammation and promotes the healing process.

Right food along with appropriate exercise complements clean living as they boost your body’s ability to prevent diseases which is important for your overall health.

You can also refer to the link below and watch more informative video on OZiva TV, where we have our nutrition expert talking about the benefits of OZiva Bettr.CalD3+ in detail.


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