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The Power of Protein:

Being the most important component of every cell in the body, protein is the single, most important ingredient much needed for the much desired weight loss. Protein is the base requisite for not only the composition and build up of hair and nails, but also plays an important role in the make up of several enzymes that our bodily functions are dependent upon.

Apart from that, protein as we all very well know by now, is much needed for the repair, recovery and maintenance of the muscles as well as bones (Yes, you read that right!)

A good protein intake promises metabolism boost, significantly reduces appetite and brings about changes in several weight regulating hormones. This is not only going to help you bring your fat% down and thereby helping in healthy weight loss but will also help you stay healthier for longer, as far as the correct measures are taken for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, of course.   

We bring to you the amazing benefits of having protein as a regular and more frequent component of your plate:

Satisfaction and saving up on the calories:

Initially, in your weight loss journey, protein plays an important part as it helps you regulate your hunger for the better. For the brain to determine how much and when to eat, it sets certain hormonal signals that change with response to feeding. A higher protein intake increases the level of feeling satiated and the brain then sends out appetite-suppressing hormones while reducing your hunger hormone. Having more of protein in your meals helps slow down digestion for the good, making you less likely to go back for second helpings. When this happens over a period of days, with better control over appetite and taking in fewer calories you lose weight in a healthy way.

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Protein digestion helps you burn more calories:

When you eat, some calories are used for energy purpose that is needed to digest and metabolize the food eaten. This is known as the ‘Thermic effect’ of food. This thermic effect varies from food to food, and protein is known to have a higher thermic effect as compared to carbs or fat. This means, you burn more calories from what you have eaten to process protein.

It promotes fat burning:

As based on the scientific fact, our body is incapable of effectively burning fat without the help of either carbs or protein. So, when you do lose weight, your body loses both muscle as well as fat. Now we only want to burn fat, so what do you do? Eat more protein! When you eat more protein to maintain a positive nitrogen balance (more protein intake than breakdown) the additional protein preserves your lean muscles and helps burn fat and thus keeping your metabolic rate risen (especially when combined with strength training!)

Protein safe-keeps your muscles form damage and helps in repair:

It really helps that you help yourself to an additional dose of protein, especially on the days that you undergo an intense session of exercise. If you strength train or are into weight training, you should consider helping yourself to a good whey protein shake or a healthy high protein snack after your workout session, as post workouts, your muscles are open towards absorbing all the nutrients that you throw at them. Use this opportune moment to feed your body those necessary nutrients and help your muscles repair and grow.

How much protein is right?

While it is good to know that having protein on your side is always beneficial, be careful not to overdo it. Most official nutrition organizations recommend a modest amount of protein intake. The Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) is 0.8 to 1 gm. of protein per kg of body weight for an average sedentary individual.

It is suggested that the person actively working out at moderate intensity needs approx. 1.2 to 1.5 gm. of protein per kg of body weight. So, if you are 60 kg of weight, you need to have 72 to 90 gm. of protein daily, and so on.

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Talking about the bigger picture, it still boils down to this- eat fewer calories than you would burn and you will see the change in your girth in no time. So look beyond the ‘myths’ surrounding this saintly nutrient and make an active effort to making protein a part of your daily life.

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