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Vegan who besides being vegetarians do not consume animal based protein products like eggs and dairy products. Vegan protein is a term for the type of protein that is consumed by a person on a vegan diet.

Vegans and vegetarians can find it difficult to meet their daily requirement of protein so they can include below mentioned sources of protein to increase your protein intake.

 Some popular plant based protein is:

  • Pulses: beans, peas, lentils, soya foods.
  • Nuts: almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios.
  • Seeds: sesame, pumpkin, sunflower.
  • Grains: oats, wheat, millet, pasta, quinoa, buckwheat.

What Is The Difference Between Vegans And Vegetarians?

Vegan is not the short form of vegetarian. Vegans and vegetarians are different based on food preference and lifestyle. One of the major difference between being a vegan and vegetarian is that vegans do not consume animal and animal obtained products like meat, eggs, milk and milk products.

 Vegans are not just characterized by the type of food they choose. Rather it is a wide concept that also takes in account lifestyle of an individual. Apart from avoiding animal protein, a true vegan does not use any cosmetics and clothing derived from animal products.

Vegan, Vegetarian and Whey Protein

It becomes necessary for a vegan or vegetarian to supplement the diet with a high quality source of complete protein like whey protein. Often bodybuilders and athletes following vegetarian or vegan diet lack muscle strength and lean mass because they are unable to meet their protein requirement through their diet as compared to non vegetarian.

Whey protein is derived as a byproduct during cheese making process it is not a vegan source. As I mentioned in the initial section of this article, vegans do not consume any type of animal protein and cheese is made out of milk, it fails to satisfy the vegan source of protein.

Is Whey Protein Suitable For Vegetarians?
All types of whey protein (concentrate or isolate) are suitable for vegetarians. 
Whey protein concentrate or isolate can be included in the diet of vegetarians due to lack of good quality protein they fail to include in their diet.

For example one scoop of OZiva Protein & Herbs can add up over 22 grams of protein to your diet. Try to include some of these shakes to your diet plan to easily achieve your daily protein intake value.



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