Does your skin seem to flake off easily? Do you notice obvious fine lines on the face?  Does your skin feel dry way too often? Those are often signs that you have dry skin. Dry skin is probably the most common skin type out of the Big Four (dry, oily, combination or acne-prone skin) and most people tend towards it as they age. Dry skin can be caused by a number of factors – living in cold climates can trigger it, using harsh cleaning products can strip the natural oil from your skin, and of course there are always hereditary reasons too. You need to especially watch out for dry skin if you take long, hot showers and certain medications. Post-diseases are a good time to watch out for dry skin as well, as fever of long durations can often drain the moisture from your skin (save it with Vitamin E). 

While seeing cracks, fine lines and flakiness in your skin can drive you crazy, there are plenty of ingredients and natural, plant-based products that can replenish your skin’s moisture and natural oils. Vitamin E benefits for dry skin cannot be overlooked, for example. Read to understand signs and symptoms of dry skin, how Vitamin E benefits can help dry skin, and the perfect OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Range and routine for dry skin.

4 Signs that you have Dry Skin

Vitamin E Benefits

  • Your face feels increasingly dehydrated 

Touch your face about 1-2 times in a row. How does it feel? Excessively dry skin means that you have lost a lot of moisture, so you can feel your skin feeling flaky and dehydrated. Signs include more noticeable fine lines, itchiness in your cheeks and chin, and a “cracked” feeling to touch. 

  • Flakes, Rough Texture and Cracks 

When your skin loses moisture and becomes dry, it begins to flake or “peel off”. When you wake up in the morning or use any product, notice the area around you to see if you can see small flakes. While all people shed, you are generally not supposed to see it. If you have enough shedding to see it around you, then you have dry skin. This flakiness causes your skin to feel rough to the touch. In worst cases, your skin might “crack” similar to cracks in the ground, and deep cracks can even cause bleeding. 

  • Your skin may constantly feel itchy 

Some people with dry skin complain that their skin itches all the time and induces scratching, thus making it worse. This near-constant itch might make it difficult to focus on your daily tasks, such as driving, working or sleeping. If your itching has begun to interrupt your daily activities, you might have excessively dry skin. 

  • Your skin becomes wrinkled, or stings 

As a test, ask someone with wet hands to touch your skin. If it is dry or cracked, you might feel a stinging or burning sensation. Otherwise, look in the mirror. Dry skin, due to loss of moisture, can witness extra fine lines and wrinkles. 

All these signs tell you that you have dry skin. It is important to note that while your reasons for dry skin might be external, they could also be the signs of an internal problem. If you notice the dry skin after 4-6 months of treatment or usage of the right products, then you should not hesitate to consult a doctor. Remember to stick with moisturising and hydrating products as the best ones for your dry skin. 

Let’s talk about more treatments for dry skin below. 

How to Treat Dry Skin – Vitamin E Benefits 


Now that you have understood this complex skin type, you can choose the right ingredients, skin care products, and ingredients to treat it.  Out of the four main skin types (dry, oily, combination, acne-prone), dry skin requires you to keep track that the products all have a moisturising and hydrating effect. Vitamin E is a nutrient that increases if your skin has more moisture or sebum, so your dry skin is probably lacking it. Adding Vitamin E to your beauty regime can be tremendously beneficial for dry skin. 

Using beauty products that are 100% “clean” or free of any harmful chemicals, minerals, sulphates, parabens and other contaminants – and plant-based (formulated only with natural ingredients) is a great way to treat your dry skin for long periods of time. 

The OZiva Clean Beauty range has several products that might help, but we’ll spend our time talking about one of the most powerful ingredients for dry skin – which is Bioactive Vitamin E. 

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that acts as a strong antioxidant in the body, protecting cells from damage from free radicals (which can arise due to stressors like UV damage).  Vitamin E also is a strong natural moisturiser and hydrator, and creates natural barriers to retain your skin’s moisture. Vitamin E naturally declines with age, which makes it necessary to replenish. 

Vitamin E benefits for skin include increasing skin hydration, protecting cells from damage (which enhances skin glow and overcomes the dullness). As a side bonus, it also works hard to reduce itchiness in skin and inflammation. It keeps your skin looking fresh and hydrated and promotes a natural glow. While you can get Vitamin E through food (some recommendations include sunflower seeds, almonds and pumpkins), applying it topically to your skin through clean beauty products is a stronger way to get the effects directly on your body. Overnight Vitamin E treatments for the skin can do wonders and promote a long-lasting glow. 

The OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Range takes Bioactive Vitamin E as a hero ingredient and contains it in high concentrations for higher efficacy at a lower market price. While this range is safe for all skin types, including dry, sensitive and oily skin, it is especially suitable for dry skin. Here’s how it offers Vitamin E benefits for the face and skin: 

  1. To Increase and Retain Moisture in Skin  – When you have dry skin, your skin lacks moisture and as a result shows fine lines, wrinkles and spots often. The OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E Range has strong moisturising and hydrating properties that help strengthen the skin barrier function. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps to calm the skin. This helps reduce the redness, itchiness and stinging sensations that arise when you have dry skin. 
  2. Skin Protection with Antioxidant Activity and Glow –  Vitamin E accumulates in the sebaceous glands under the skin and then is delivered to the skin surface through sebum (a waxy/oily substance secreted by mammals that coats the outer layer of the skin). It protects the skin by preventing oxidative damage to cells and removing free radicals. Vitamin E fights free radicals on skin which are a result of stressors, unprotected sun exposure, air pollution, environmental changes, etc thus protecting the skin from damage.

Many people can use it safely for their skin over a long period of time without any reactions to reap Vitamin E benefits from Clean Beauty without any side effects. 

Check Out This Three-Step Routine to Deliver Vitamin E for Skin

Bioactive Vitamin E benefits for Skin

This range includes the OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Face Serum, Bioactive Vitamin E122 Night Gel and Bioactive Vitamin E122 Gel Face Wash

This Vitamin E for skin routine can be done both as an AM and PM routine, but will have particularly useful rejuvenating effects if used at the end of the day, just before bedtime. Set aside around 20 minutes of your time for it

  • Wash and Rinse with OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Gel Face Wash 

This gentle gel-based cleanser helps wash away your impurities and leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. In general, gel face washes have an edge over foam-based face washes due to their mild formula. The OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Gel Face Wash helps unclog your pores without drying out the skin. This cleanser with Vitamin E for skin also has exfoliating and pH balancing properties.

Most importantly, the Vitamin E for skin in this face wash helps reduce the damaging effects of free radicals, which are stressors that can accelerate the process of skin ageing and lead to dullness.

  • Rejuvenate Your Skin with OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Face Serum 


In general, serums are known for their tightly concentrated ingredients that draw out greater effects. Follow up the Gel Face Wash with the OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Face Serum. This serum contains powerful Vitamin E for skin, absorbs easily into the skin and has a great variety of functions.

It has small molecules designed to penetrate, improve and nourish the skin. It helps moisturise and hydrate, thus giving your skin a fresher, healthier and younger-looking complexion. This face serum rich in Vitamin E for skin helps provide 122% More Antioxidant Activity to shield the skin from dullness and damage, and also works to give you a more even skin tone.

  • Soften Your Pores at Night with OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Night Gel 

As a last step in the routine, apply OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Night Gel to the face and leave it on overnight. The body, being in a state of relaxation, allows the nutrients and Vitamin E to be freely absorbed into the skin, leaving effects that manifest into an even-toned complexion in the morning. It replenishes the skin’s moisture through long-lasting hydration, leaving it plump, healthy and fresh for the next day.

This night gel with Vitamin E for skin removes excess oil in the skin and soothes it overnight, reducing inflammation.

What’s the Take on Vitamin E for skin

Vitamin E is truly your skin’s best friend. Regular usage of Vitamin E for skin over 2 months (consistently applied 1-2 times a week at least) can leave your skin with a luminous glow and have additional benefits like strengthening and softening your hair. Bioactive Vitamin E for skin can lead to a surge in antioxidant activity in the skin (as much as up to 122%), help moisturise and hydrate the skin, and diminish pigmentation.

This clean, plant-based beauty and skincare routine is suitable for all skin types, but especially works for oily and natural combination skin. Shop this Vitamin E for skin routine on the OZiva website or any other e-commerce platform, apply, sit back and watch the results. 

If you don’t have oily skin, read our other entries in this series – Vitamin C for Combination Skin, Niacinamide for Oily Skin or Salicylic Acid for Acne-Prone Skin.

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