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More and more people are interested in following vegetarian or vegan diets. The reasons are numerous – it could be for religious reasons, they could want to reduce their dependence on animal sources, or find it easier to digest for their bodies. In 2016, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics declared that a vegetarian or vegan diet could provide all the nutritional requirements for adults and children. However, it is still difficult for a vegetarian or vegan to get one nutrient from an Indian vegetarian diet – protein. However, plant foods can be an excellent source of protein for vegetarians, especially if they are bioactive. Bioactive proteins provide extra health benefits beyond their typical functions for the human body. To understand more about vegetarian proteins, vegan protein and bioactive sources of protein for vegetarians, read on. 

The Benefits of Vegetarian Proteins 

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  1. Vegetarian proteins are lower in calories and heart-harming saturated fat, easier to digest, and free of antibiotics and harmful bacteria. They are often higher in dietary fibre as compared to animal proteins and fibre has a numbe
  2. Vegan protein also keeps your body healthy and strong for years, help you fight off diseases and enhance your immunity. In fact, you could probably live longer if you included more vegetarian proteins in your diet. Plant proteins, especially bioactive sources of protein for vegetarians, contain high amounts of dietary fibre which contributes towards good cardiovascular health as well. 
  3. Ever notice how you might get hungry soon after eating protein from animal sources, but vegetarian proteins can keep you full for hours? Sources of plant protein like pea protein, mung bean or brown rice help you stay satisfied until your next meal, which is very useful for fitness. A study by Food and Nutrition discovered that if a person consumes a meal rich in vegan protein, they consume 12 percent less calories in their next meal. Experts believe it is because of the high fibre content in vegetarian proteins.
  4. Vegetarian proteins can help improve athletic performance. Yes, that’s right! While you might look at athletes and think that their secret is endless amounts of animal protein, the truth is that plant protein can help tremendously. It can help increase energy levels, and improve endurance and muscle recovery to allow for longer and tougher workouts.
  5. You can also include vegetarian proteins in your diet for weight loss! A study by the Journal of General Medicine found that including vegetarian proteins in your diet helps you stay full for longer periods of time and prevents snacking in between meals.

What are bioactive sources of vegan protein? 

When it comes to food, bioactives are active ingredients that provide additional health benefits to the body. Bioactives, when added to protein, especially vegetarian proteins and vegan protein, can improve factors like protein absorption and help with faster muscle recovery, making them the ultimate fitness option and source of protein for vegetarians and vegans.

Let’s read below on why bioactive vegetarian proteins are useful for muscle health and recovery and protein absorption. 

Faster protein absorption has numerous benefits. If you are aiming to build muscle or lose weight, then it is better that your protein consumed synthesises in the body faster so that its benefits spread. One of the benefits include faster recovery after intense workouts, which is beneficial for you if you are trying to build muscle (you can work out longer) or lose weight (you can work out more and burn more fat as a result).

Muscles are made up of 80% protein. With ageing, our body often becomes resistant to growth signals, resulting in muscle loss. In fact, after the age of 30, you can lose between 3 and 5% muscle mass per decade. Less muscle means more weakness and less mobility, which can increase your risk of fractures. You can preserve muscles with the help of a diet rich in vegetarian proteins, especially bioactive vegetarian proteins. 

Let us explain these high protein vegan foods that can help you do so. 

Get ultimate fitness from vegetarian proteins with OZiva Bioactive Plant Protein 

vegetarian proteins

OZiva Bioactive Plant Protein contains 25g of vegan protein per serving, drawn from high protein vegan foods like Pea Protein, Mung Bean and Brown Rice. Vegetarian proteins and vegan protein contain several amino acids that are essential to signal muscle growth/repair and act as a substrate during muscle protein synthesis.

Pea protein is able to promote better muscle growth and rice protein is associated with increased power, strength and body mass.

This bioactive vegetarian protein contains an Advanced Recovery Formula which is a combination of MD-ZenPro, and Ashwagandha. MD-ZenPro is a blend of a clinically proven active, which includes Curcumin, Green Coffee and Protease (a digestive enzyme).

This bioactive ingredient Gremin in this vegan protein contributes towards 4X Muscle Recovery* from muscle damage and pain. Protease also helps in 59% Faster Protein Absorption^ due to improved protein hydrolysis to amino acids. 

Ashwagandha helps the body to adapt to stress and thus assist recovery. It speeds up muscle growth, relieves pain and improves athletic performance.

This source of protein for vegetarians makes use of bioactive ingredients for optimal muscle health, better endurance, muscle recovery, and for better sleep. These vegetarian proteins improve athletic performance due to the presence of 100% RDA of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D helps in growth and muscle maintenance, Vitamin B12 improves muscle growth and coordination. Iron is critical for optimal athletic performance and endurance because of its role in energy metabolism, oxygen transport and acid-base balance.

*Protein digestibility^ and recovery claims* based on scientific study & clinical study respectively on active ingredients published* in Journal of Food Technology & Nutrition Sciences.

What’s the Take on Bioactive Plant Protein 

Vegetarian proteins are useful for muscle recovery, muscle growth, weight loss, and have numerous other benefits including better overall health and improving athletic performance. All you have to do to incorporate Bioactive Plant Protein into your diet is add it to smoothies and shakes. It is available in a delicious mango flavour that makes it perfect for just about anyone, and has additional benefits like improving your sleep and holistic health. It is the most highly effective source of protein for vegetarians. To shop it, click here

To shop unflavoured plant protein from OZiva, click here to try Organic Plant Protein.

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