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Discover the amazing health benefits of a plant based diet and learn how to start your plant based diet journey with our 2023 guide to eating the plant based way! 

In recent years, plant based diets have become extremely popular. More people choose to put aside animal-based products and relying on diets based on pulses, fruits and vegetables, accompanied by plenty of plant protein. This plant based diet helps meet your nutritional needs.

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Whether your concerns are health-related or environmental, a plant based diet with plant protein can make a tremendous difference to your life! 

Let’s explore the benefits and challenges of switching to a plant based diet with plant protein

  1. Plant based diets promote holistic health, wellness and fitness 

A typical plant based diet consists of whole, unprocessed foods such as:

  • Fruits and vegetables 
  • Grains like rice, wheat, jowar, bajra 
  • Legumes (dal) 
  • Nuts and seeds 

These foods are an excellent source of plant protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. These nutrients benefit your overall health and well-being tremendously. 

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sit down and plan a balanced diet to get all the nutrients needed for good health. Switching to a plant-based diet takes care of half the battle – it’s extremely nutritionally balanced and ensures a lot of the nutrients you need! 

Plant based diets and plant protein are linked to the following health benefits: 

  1. Lower risk of developing chronic conditions like cardiac diseases, Type 2 Diabetes, and cancer
  2. Increased chances of weight loss as plant based diets and plant proteins are often lower in calories than animal-based proteins. 
  3. Better digestion, which plays a role in good gut health 
  4. Improvement in stamina and endurance, making plant protein great for athletic activities like running, HIIT and strength training 
  5. Quicker muscle repair and post-workout recovery 
  1. Plant based diet and plant protein help reduce inflammation in the body 

Essential plant nutrients and vegan protein work to reduce inflammation in your body. Plants have essential nutrients that you cannot get from other foods. The vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants present in plants help keep your cells healthy and your body balanced so that it can feel its best. 

These same tiny chemicals and antioxidants that boost your immune system also go around your body neutralising the toxins acquired from pollution, other processed foods, bacteria, viruses, and more. 

Every day, your body is exposed to damage from ultraviolet rays and pollution. Antioxidants in your plant protein grab the free radicals that arise in your body (as a result of that damage) and neutralise their effects to keep your body balanced. 

Prolonged inflammation can damage your body’s tissues and has been linked to cancer and other inflammatory diseases like gout and arthritis. A plant based diet and plant protein can help protect you from these long-term diseases because they help remove some of the triggers! 

  1. Plant based diet and plant protein help maintain a healthy body weight 

Staying at a healthy weight and body fat percentage has numerous benefits if you want to live longer and stay healthier. This is because excess weight can cause hormonal imbalances (especially for women). 

Plant based diets and plant protein is lower in calories than animal-based protein. If you consume a plant-based diet for a longer period of time and pair it with daily exercises for around 30 minutes, you will definitely stay at a healthy weight! 

  1. Plant based diets are high in dietary fiber 

Fiber is present in high quantities in all unprocessed foods, including in plant based diets and vegan protein. It makes up the structure of the plant. If you eat more of it, you access many benefits. 

Eating a plant-based diet improves the health of your gut so you are better able to absorb the nutrients from food that support your immune system and reduce inflammation. Fiber can lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar and it’s great for good bowel management.

Fiber is very important for reducing your cancer risk. This is especially true for your risk for the third most common cancer: colorectal cancer.

  1. Plant based diets and plant protein are much more environmentally-friendly  

One of the biggest benefits of plant based diets and plant protein is their environmental impact. Animal agriculture leads to water pollution, deforestation and the emission of greenhouse gases that affect the ozone layer. Switching to a plant-based diet helps you not only improve your health, but also do your bit to help the environment, and develop a more sustainable food system. By consuming fewer or no animal products, you make a huge difference. 

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