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Protein powder for weight gain for females is a popular myth or product you might have heard of on the market or if you search on the internet. However, does protein powder actually cause weight gain in women? The answer is that it is possible if you don’t use it correctly. One of the most common mistakes that beginners make with protein powder for weight gain is having too many servings. As a result, your overall calorie intake will increase and you’ll end up gaining weight. 

So before assuming anything about weight gain powders for females, let’s break down how it’s possible for women to gain weight from protein powders. We’ll talk about the types of protein powders (including protein powder for weight gain), how much protein powder can cause weight gain (and under which conditions), how much protein powder females actually need in a day, and what protein powder for women actually does. 

Types of Protein Powders for Women (Including Protein Powder for Weight Gain for Females) 

Protein powder is available in varying degrees of quality. Knowing the difference between various types of protein powders can prevent you from buying or taking weight gain powders for females. 

Whey Protein 

Probably the most common protein powder, research has shown that whey protein can significantly increase muscle mass and strength. Hence, if you are underweight, you might be tempted to take it to promote weight gain. However, you have to ensure you watch the amount you take, lest it become a protein powder for weight gain. 


Casein is another milk protein that is often paired with resistance training when you want to gain muscle mass. Casein can actually boost fat metabolism, which means it can help with fat loss. However, you still have to be careful of the amount to stop it from becoming a weight gain powder for females. 

Plant Protein 

Plant protein refers to various types of protein like pea protein, hemp protein, mung bean and brown rice protein that are derived from plants. Plant protein is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those who are lactose-intolerant. Pea protein increases muscle strength and mass, and hemp protein provides nutrients to help with overall health. Plant proteins are actually able to increase the feeling of fullness you feel, and signal to the brain to stop eating. It is very difficult for plant protein powders to become protein powders for weight gain! 

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How Does Protein Powder Cause Weight Gain? 

The most important thing to note here is that protein powder in itself cannot make you gain weight. How much weight you gain from a protein powder for weight gain for females depends on how much and how often you consume it.

You gain weight if you over-consume calories and overconsumption of your protein powder for weight gain can lead to caloric surplus, which in turn leads to weight gain.

Three common mistakes people make with protein powders for weight gain are: 

  1. Overeating protein powder 

If you consume more protein powder than the prescribed limit, you will ingest more calories overall and this will lead to weight gain. Also if you consume a high-protein diet to go with it and avoid working out, the increased caloric intake will exceed your base metabolism. There is a chance that your protein powder can become a weight gain powder for females. 

2. Not Measuring the protein powder 

You need to read the nutrition label on the back of your protein powder to see how many scoops you need to meet the protein requirements. Taking more scoops can often disturb the balance between carbs and sugar. When using smaller scoopers, people tend to take more protein powder, meaning they upset the balance and the protein powder becomes a weight gain powder for females. 

3. Whey Protein Concentrate 

Lactose-intolerant people often have trouble processing whey protein concentrate. This can lead to inflammation in the body and weight gain is a side effect of inflammation. You might want to choose whey protein isolate or a protein powder for women that is the perfect blend of concentrate and isolate. OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women contains a 23 blend of clean whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate for women’s weight management, body fat reduction, metabolism and energy. Try it out! 

How Much Protein Powder Do Females Actually Need? 

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for protein powder is between 0.8 or 1 kilogram of body weight. This means that if you are 60 kgs, you need to get between 56-60 grams of protein in a day. It is often very difficult for you to meet your protein requirements through your diet, especially if you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Females often require less protein than men, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that you do not require protein at all or not focusing on your protein intake. You need to get protein to improve your fitness and energy levels and keep you feeling fuller throughout the day. 

This is why you might want to try a protein powder for women to meet your daily protein requirements, without worrying about it being a weight gain powder for females. A standard dosage for most protein powders in the market is 1-2 scoops (between 25-50 grams). OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women can help you meet your protein requirements very easily, as it contains 23g clean protein. 

Your age and levels of physical activity also determine how much protein you need. Connect with a nutritionist to get your exact requirements. OZiva has an expert consultation line you can speak to anytime to discuss how to prevent your protein powder becoming a weight gain powder for females. 

What Does Protein Powder Actually Do for Women? 

Now that we’ve discussed how to avoid your protein powder becoming a weight gain powder for females, it’s time to see what benefits you can get out of trying a protein powder for women. Here are some protein powder benefits: 

  1. Helps Manage Weight & Reduce Body Fat Percentage 

Your protein powder for women can help you feel fuller and induces a feeling called “satiety” – signalling to the brain that you do not need to eat more. This ensures you consume fewer calories. Your protein powder for women also boosts your metabolism, ensuring you break down your calories further and this also aids in weight loss, along with the  right diet and 30 minutes of workout in a day. 

Protein helps burn the fat from your body and tones you up as well, especially in the belly area. So consider replacing some of your carbs and fats with extra servings of protein or protein powder for women. 

2. Boosts Metabolism & Energy Levels 

There is something called the Thermic Effect, where your body uses the calories you consume to boost your metabolism. And protein has a much higher thermic effect (20-35%) as compared to carbs (10-15%). So higher protein intake will definitely help boost metabolism and increase the number of calories you burn. Taking the right protein powder for women can ensure around 80-100 calories burned in a day. 

Choosing the right protein powder for women prevents it from being a weight gain powder for females. Try out OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women! 

3. Gives you Energy Throughout the Day 

Protein powder for women ensures that you experience higher energy levels during the day. For women, multitasking is an all-too-common phenomenon where you are expected to turn your attention to many things at once. This can lead to you feeling tired and bedraggled. You’ll need protein to maintain your energy levels to take up all these  tasks. 

Protein is about the long game when it comes to energy, rather than carbohydrates (which are a quick energy boost). But protein ensures that you stay energetic and alert for longer periods of time. 

4. Helps You Stay Fitter as you age 

As women age (particularly beyond the age of 25, their muscles often begin to weaken. Bones can also become more fragile and density reduces. Eating more protein as you age into your mid-twenties and late twenties will help build and repair your muscle tissues. 

Post-workout, consuming protein powder for women helps improve the recovery of your muscles, building them stronger than ever. Pair that with resistance training or strength training for the best results. Protein prevents you from expeiencing too much fatigue.

It can also enhance your bone health.


Protein powder in itself cannot become protein powder for weight gain for females. Weight gain only happens in the case you are not careful with portion sizes or do not factor in the other nutrients you are ingesting along with protein. Protein powder in itself cannot cause excess weight or fat buildup. Keep that in mind! 

You need to decide your protein requirements based on your age or physical activity. Speak to OZiva’s team of nutrition experts for the best results. OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women contains 15 Ayurvedic Herbs like Shatavari and Guduchi for better results. It is India’s first protein designed specifically for women. Try it out for body fat reduction in 3 months! 



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