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Gaining weight-or losing it, for that matter- is all about how you manage the calorie intake and output. One of the most dubious claims among those contemplating going in for a protein-rich shake is that they might end up putting on weight once again as soon as they stop taking the particular shake in question.

Now, the fact is quite simple- you need to burn more calories than you take in. This is applicable when you are taking the protein-rich shakes and even after you have stopped them.

How do you go about it?

Start with choosing the right shake. You definitely cannot outdo the calories since the body needs calories as much as it needs different nutrients. However, how and where you get them is also something you need to pay attention to. Generally, any whey protein shake will give you about 110-120 calories on its own, at the least. This makes it an ideal replacement for an otherwise calorie-loaded meal. Once you get into the habit of making corrections to the total amount of calories you take in for a meal, you should face no difficulty doing the same once you are through with your shake. In fact, in some studies conducted, the use of meal-replacement shakes, high-protein diets along with regular workouts was noted to improve weight loss and maintenance.

Replacing shakes with food

Protein-rich shakes are definitely a healthy choice if you are maintaining your health however, as per nutrition experts, wholesome food is any day better than a supplement but that is only when you take in the right food in the right amounts and it helps you meet all of your nutrient requirements. So, once you do stop taking in protein shakes or meal replacement shakes, if your calorie intake remains the same and your food pattern remains healthy, you’ll notice that there will be no putting on weight but rather you would be maintaining your healthy weight.


Whether or not you gain weight ultimately comes down to your total calorie intake and your calorie burn from exercise. Whey protein may help you maintain weight if you add it to your current diet as a way of taking in more quick, easy calories and protein. Always consult your dietitian before making any dietary changes or introducing supplements into your regime.


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