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The OZiva Kisaan Vikas program aims to give wings to the dreams of young farmers’ children and support them to succeed. Last time, we told you stories of a few children who pursued their dreams .Today, hear from us about 3 more children from the program dreaming and achieving as we speak. 

It’s been four monhs since we began the OZiva Kisaan Vikas program. One of the greatest joys we witness regularly is the sheer passion and ambition of the kids in the program from the Satara District in Maharashtra. 

These young boys and girls, aged between 13-17 years, have already been marking themselves as young achievers, learning and practicing relevant skills, and dreaming of big careers that would make the nation proud, help protect and enable them to take care of their families. 

These children dream and achieve together with their friends. Whether it is 3 girls wanting to be police officers together and being placed in the same squad, or two young boys dreaming of being army soldiers together, they are collaborative and want to help each other succeed despite all obstacles. 

Their parents continue to be proud of their dreams, and support them wholeheartedly as they watch them soar. 

Here, we spotlight the stories of 6 children in the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program. Please note, we will be providing updates of all 100 children very soon in our blog series! Watch this space for more. 

Ruchita Dipak Barge: A CA that Wants to Control Big Businesses 


Ruchita Dipak Barge is the 16-year-old daughter of Dipak Barge, a 10th standard student who has had one dream since she was younger. “I want to control big companies in the big city!” she enthusiastically exclaims. Ruchita’s education is a priority for the Barge family. As their eldest child, they rely on her to achieve her and their family’s dreams. And Dipak Barge fully believes his daughter can do anything she wants to do. “Beti to meri sher hai!” he proudly says. 

Ruchita is the pride of the family, a ferociously eager 10th standard student who dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant. Dipak Barge and his family were previously settled in Mumbai, comfortably. However, one day an accident permanently altered his future. He was hit by a car, damaging one of his legs in the process. 

Unable to find work in the city due to his situation, a shocked Dipak and his family relocated to their farmland in Shirdhon, which now became their primary source of income. But not just him but his parents, his uncle and aunt, and a brother and his family also are dependent on the farm. Even though Deepak and his wife began to work full-time on the farm, it wasn’t going to be enough to sustain their family, educate the children and somehow save. 

So Deepak decided to also open a tea shop and began to cater to the residents of Shirdhon through vada pav and chai. With the tea shop and the farm, they are just able to make ends meet. However, the family lives in a small tin shed home as a kutcha house is all they can afford right now. 

Ruchita is the pride of the family, a ferociously eager 10th standard student who dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant. 

Her parents sit with her during her study sessions and work hard to teach her, in between their long days at the farm and tea shop. Determined to uplift her future, her parents applied for her to become a part of the OZiva Kisaan Vikas program, where she will receive monetary support for her studies.

See just a snapshot of her story here. 

Aditi, Ridhi and Alfiya: 3 Best Friends Dreaming of Being Police Officers

Kisaan Vikas

The sad truth is that women police officers make up only 10.5% of India’s police force. This is even as more and more women in big cities and small towns dream of becoming IPS officers as they grow up. In small villages, young girls particularly look forward to protecting and serving their nation as part of the police force. 

Three of these young aspiring police officers are Alfiya Dastgir Shaikh, 16, Aditi Dilip Lagas, 14, and Ridhi Chandrakant Shinde, 16. As we ask them their dreams, they chorus back to us “IPS Officers!” in great joy. The three are best friends and dream of being police officers together, and enter training at the  same time. 

“I want to complete the dreams of my mother and father,” says young Aditi, close to tears. “I want to reduce crime in my country!” salutes Ridhi, her eyes already imagining it. “I want to serve our nation!” says Alfiya, her eyes full of intensity. Although their motivations are different, their dreams are clear. 

The three young women live in Tandulwadi, Shirdhon and Jalgaon, and their parents are farmers, running small plots of land. Alfiya’s mother works extra jobs to make ends meet. Ridhi’s father dropped out of his education early, so he wants to ensure that his daughter studies what he could not, and succeeds. Aditi’s father teaches her so that she can study. 

The three women laugh and giggle together, their hearts light but their dreams firm. Their parents’ support is behind them 100%, and with their membership in the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program, we are sure the will soar to new heights. 

See a snapshot of their story here. 

Saksham and Anichay: Aspiring Jawans in the Kisaan Vikas Programkisaan

In the town of Tandulwadi, Saksham Botalji, 16, and his best friend, Anichay have made up their minds on what they want to do – they want to become army soldiers and protect their nation from invaders all over the world, inspired by their parents’ love and reliance on the army soldiers.

“We want to become army soldiers,” the two boys declare, in the middle of their training routines that they have invented to keep fit. Saksham regularly does push-ups and stretches, imagining that he is in the middle of his army drills and looking forward to beginning training in the future. 

“I want to fulfill the dreams of my parents,” insists Saksham. His parents have long admired soldiers in their uniforms and for what they do for India. Saksham feels a strong sense of patriotism for his country and also wants to become an army soldier so that he can protect the people. 

The two boys work sincerely at their studies and sports to qualify for the intense physical and mental criteria of army soldiers. They dream of the day that they put on the uniform and begin serving their country. “I think every young boy looks grand in that uniform”, says Saksham with a fond smile on his face. 

Their parents, despite their support, were not able to fund their education. That’s why the two boys have joined the OZiva Kisaan Vikas Program. The young jawans are already making great progress and hope to qualify for army training once they finish school. 

See a snapshot of their story here

Read more about the program here. See its page here. 


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