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How many of us are guilty of waiting for the perfect moment to start going to the gym or to start following a healthy diet? We often procrastinate such decisions or actions thinking that it’s okay waiting a day or two or enjoying ourselves “one-last-time” before starting that fitness chapter in our life. This is a vicious trap and there is no “tomorrow”.

Expert nutritionist and exercise consultant Neha Gandhi has a way of stating simple truths in a brilliant way that can help us get over our bad habit of over-thinking our health and pressurizing ourselves into submission to “a new life”.

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Q. Hi Neha, could you please introduce yourself briefly to our readers?

A. Hi, myself Mrs. Neha Gandhi, practicing as a dietitian – nutritionist and exercise consultant in Malad (E). I have been in this field since 10 years. I deal mainly in weight loss.


Q. What is your philosophy for nutrition counseling?

A. As a nutritionist I believe that understanding patient’s lifestyle is very important for us. I generally advice to take simple and small steps initially to improvise diet schedule, gradually moving towards healthy lifestyle helps better rather than skipping meals avoiding foods thinking they are fattening foods as it is said “Rome was not built in a single day”.


Q. What are some of diet/nutrition related myths that you’ve come across over the years?

A. There are actually a lot of myths and misconceptions that people have for diet, some of them are –

  • Skipping Meals can help lose weight and be fit.

People believe skipping meals helps in weight loss or to keep them fit. However it has negative impact on your metabolism leading to other health problems

  • Crash dieting or fasting makes you lose weight.

This may be true, but in short term and hinders weight loss. Losing weight over the longer period burns off fat. But when you do crash dieting often, it not only removes fat but also lean muscles and tissues.

  • Fattening foods gives you rapid weight gain.

Weight gain is a slow process. You cannot put on weight in a night span. A lot of people feel guilty of eating certain foods thinking that their diet has gone off track and they will put on weight.

  • If you are taking fat free butter or sugar free you can take as much as you want.
  • People think after reaching a weight target if they leave dieting they will put on weight.


Q. Do you have mantra for living healthy?

A. I believe that it’s never too late to start. We should take care of our body on priority basis. So the mantra that I believe in is  “Don’t wait for tomorrow, start caring for yourself today”.


Q. What is your opinion on OZiva products and philosophy.

A. As the name suggest it’s a product as well as a philosophy of health. As per my opinion OZiva gives reliable and sustainable results as desired. It is easily available to people. I guess it’s the best option for people who skip meals. OZiva also guides their consumers appropriately with the help of expert team to achieve their goals.


Q. We know you as an exceptional dietitian; we would like to know what you are like when you are not working?

A. I am basically a “Musicphile” when it comes to my free time. I love to listen to music especially on long drives.


The biggest take away from this is that running after instant results or miracle solutions will take us nowhere – we must be patient with ourselves and have the courage to take the first steps.

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Big thanks to Neha for sharing such amazing insights with us.

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Lots more coming your way, stay tuned!

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11 Replies to ““I believe that it’s never too late to start” – Neha Gandhi”

  1. Atul jain says:

    yes its true
    we can improve our life style and become healthier by some making minor changes as adviced above by mrs. neha.
    it would be much better if govt. helps to put such type of nutritious foods in the market and easily available in shape of fast foods

  2. Nikita says:

    Would recommend Neha only to those who like to loose weight by eating our normal food. But people who want drastic change in their diet by having different boring flour, tasteless juice, diet khakra and other diet stuff which will only burn a hole in your pocket should avoid her.
    Just love her attitude towards food.

  3. Chaital Mehta says:

    Very impressive. Good knowledge of diet. Excellent. Guiding according to the habit of ppl. Motivating

  4. Varsha Tejwani says:

    I have been following Neha’s personalised diet plan since a while and found it to be really effective. Thank you so much Neha for counselling. Keep up the good work!!!

  5. Chatrulal Hinduja says:

    Hi Neha this is the husband & father of 2 of your consultation seekers. I remember the day when they both started with you. I teased them:” Bookhe Maroge”
    Today I envy them both. My wife and son have altered their clothes. There is no sign of any weakness. On the contrary they have become energetic. Why will they not after all the Smoothies Milk Shakes they have. Great Job for them while I cut a sorry figure
    Chatru Hinduja

  6. Kalpana mehta says:

    Knowledgeable and giving her expertise patient to patient-we also have readily with her valuable advice for my diet help me to bring elartness in my body and still we have continued with her for better reasult-

  7. Neha gandhi says:

    Thank you for d wonderful responses ……😊

  8. Pooja Thakur says:

    Neha is a warm and friendly person her dietary suggestions are practical .she believes more in modifing our day to day eating habits rather than suggesting hi fi products .

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