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Nowadays, facing hair fall issues has been common in both  genders. Also, how to get rid of strands everywhere like on pillows, house floors, on clothes, bathroom sinks makes us more terrified that we may get bald at an early age or we won’t look good. But on the other hand having a full healthy hair plays a central role in many people’s self confidence. Interestingly, there are many ways to prevent hairfall and to grow hair and one of the best ways is to diagnose the underlying cause. 

So, first let’s understand the four stages of hair growth cycle namely- anagen (growth), catagen (transition), and telogen (rest) and exogen. Anagen growth is the active phase in which the hair follicle takes on its onion-like shape and works to produce the hair fiber. The anagen phase can be further broken down into proanagen and metanagen phases.

Proanagen sees the follicle proliferating hair progenitor cells and begins the process of differentiation and in the metanagen phase a new hair shaft appears on the surface of the skin. The second phase is distinguished by transition into dormant one. Hair follicles start to go into apoptosis and start losing their thickness.

Third phase, which is a telogen phase, is known for the resting period. In this period the hair follicle growth becomes latent and hair shaft does not occur. 

In the final phase which is the exogen phase, hair strands are released from hair follicles and fall off and the whole process restarts again. 

Thus, having hairfall of 100 strands a day is quite normal and not to worry about, but if once faced more hair fall then needs to be taken care of!

When your hair growth cycle is disrupted you might face problems like hair thinning, hair fall or problems related to hair growth. Disruption in the cycle can occur due to various reasons like hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, or due to illness. You can take up a situation where you have been on restrictive diet for more than 12 weeks or facing some severe illness. 

You can notice that you face hair fall after that period. This is because the hair skips the first phase and moves into the telogen phase and thus in the exogen phase a larger amount of hair falls off. Hence, when your hair growth cycle is continuously disrupted due to reasons like improper diet or nutrient insufficiency you may observe that your hair growth is slowed down then normally it used to be.

Let’s get the knowledge about various common factors which can cause hair loss

1. Pollution- One can observe extreme hair fall and damaged frizzy hair especially in urban setups due to more air pollution due to the emission of harmful gases from transport vehicles, industries etc.

2. Genetics- Heredity plays an important role and the quality of your hair. If you ancestors had baldness or hair fall history then it is more likely for you too to face the same issue

3. Stress- Stress or improper sleep causes imbalance in your hormones which can show its symptoms in the form of hairfall

4. Nutritional deficiencies- All the nutrients but especially protein, vitamin B12, Vitamin C, folic acid, biotin, Vitamin E, iron, zinc, selenium plays a major role for healthy nourished hair. Improper diet can cause lack of these nutrients which can lead to hair fall and damaged thin hair

5. Hormonal changes- Conditions like puberty, pregnancy, lactation period, menopause can cause severe imbalance in hormones which can cause hair fall

6. Disease and medications- Certain diseases and treatments like thyroid, PCOS, cancer, chemotherapy, arthritis, medicines like steroids, antibiotics, birth control pills etc. can cause hair fall issue due to irregulation in hormone cycle

7. Gut flora- Yes, you heard it right! Gut flora plays a major role in maintaining normal regulation of various body systems. If your gut is not healthy then proper absorption and utilisation of nutrients does not take place which can cause improper nourishment to the hair leading to hair fall

8. Tight hairstyles- Tight ponytails or cornrow hairstyles and also equipment like blow dryer, straightener etc. can cause damage to the hair (damages keratin of hair strands) because of the heat, thus leading to hair fall. 

Though there are various causes for hair fall, fortunately there are solutions to fix this problem too!

Here are some guidelines which can help with the hair fall concern-

Here are few tips to follow in your daily routine for healthy hair –

  1. Incorporate healthy fats in your diet which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Foods like flax seeds, walnuts and almonds are good sources of healthy fats.
  2. If you are a non- vegetarian/ ovo-vegetarian/ eggetarian then make sure to incorporate one boiled egg daily in your meals. Eggs are a source of multivitamins and minerals required for hair nourishment. Some of these that are related to healthy hair include protein, biotin, selenium, and zinc.  
  3. Quit smoking, if you smoke. Smoking causes inflammation throughout the body, which can worsen hair loss.
  4. Exposure to pollution can cause hair damage and hairfall. So try to avoid or minimise it by using some other measures like covering your head with a scarf or regular hair care routine like oiling and hair wash in regular intervals to prevent formation of layers of dust and pollutants on your scalp.
  5. Go for organic milk options and avoid commercial products as these foods particularly have estrogen/ steroidal boosters in them which can affect the hormonal function in the body- this, in turn, affects nutrient absorption and hair health.

Read some more tips on how to reduce hair fall here: 

  1. Include foods rich in proteins, healthy fats, vitamin C, iron, zinc, vitamin D, biotin in your diet for healthy hair growth.
  2. Proper balanced diet- Your body’s reaction is majorly based on your diet. So have the right amount of right food to prevent this issue. Include foods like green leafy vegetables, carrots, eggs, chicken (lean), fatty fish, dry fruits (like walnuts, almonds), oilseeds (like pumpkin and flax seeds), lentils, curd & yoghourt, Vitamin C rich foods like oranges, kiwi, pineapple, broccoli, bell peppers, cabbage, guava, amla (gooseberry), strawberries along with other berries and cherries in your diet. 
  3. Also along with this, taking proper care of your hair is utmost important-
    I) Split ends damages your hair growth. Thus regular trimming is important to avoid split ends and hair fall and to promote healthy hair growth.
    Ii) Make sure to wash your hair in normal temperature water and not by hot water as heat can cause damage to keratin present in hair thus causing hair damage.
    Iii) Most important thing to note is to avoid combing on wet hairs as your hairs follicles are loose and can easily fall off
    iv) Always use mild shampoo and other products which are sulphate and paraben free as harsh chemicals can cause damage to your hair strength and triggers hair loss
    v) Avoid heat treatments on your hair like hair dryers, straighteners, curlers regularly.
  4. Practice yoga and other exercises
    your mental health can have an effect on your physical health. As discussed earlier stress or improper sleep can cause hair fall, thus yoga, meditation and other exercises helps to improve your mental health, makes one calm down and ease down stress thus reducing hair fall and improves hair quality due to more oxygen supply to the follicles. Thus yoga and exercise are one of the effective remedy to promote hair growth.

Also there are some home remedies like egg hair mask, coconut spa, amla and lime juice hair pack, methi seeds hair mask along with curd, aloe vera hair mask etc. which can be used along with the above guidelines for good results.

Hair Vitamins for Hair Fall

Each of our hair stand is made up of 98% Protein which means our hair needs protein to grow, Vitamins in all form contribute to the growth of protein in your hair All Vitamins especially A , B , C , D and E helps in making hair strong and healthy

OZiva Hair Vitamins is an advanced formula with Vitamins, DHT Blocker and Omega 3 formulated specially to provide Daily Hair Nutrition & Reduce Hair Fall

The product includes vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B-Complex, Iron, Zinc, etc. very well known for their role in hair health. They are essential to promote hair growth and improve hair strength

Providing natural solution to the increasing Hair fall and other hair related issues is very important and OZiva Hair Vitamins can be the best choice for this as we all know our hair require all the important nutrients for its better maintenance of hair health which nowadays has become difficult with only food sources in our diet because of unhealthy lifestyle, poor sleep schedule , hormonal changes , medications , genetics etc. 

Providing the required Nutrition for hair is very important and OZiva Hair Vitamins is one of the product which covers your overall hair issue also its additional inclusion of DHT Blocker helps blocking the conversion, preventing Hair follicle shrinking and promoting hair growth  it also has 300mg Omega 3 which provide deep nourishment to the scalp, thus resulting in healthy looking hair.

Taking OZiva Hair Vitamins with proper hair care and a good protein and vitamins rich diet will help you have good strong and healthy hair for longer time. Read more on how to reduce hair fall in men here. 



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