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It isn’t uncommon today if you or your close ones are facing hair fall issues, majority of the people are suffering from the same and have been trying hard to combat it. However it so happens that they are unaware in this case in terms of finding a solution to it and also taking the right precautions for the same. There can be many contributing factors like dehydration, less sleep, less protein intake, or the lack of Vitamin D or B12, stress, to name a few factors.

So it may really help to understand the root cause if we can understand these factors and which vitamins you need. Nutritionally there are certain vitamins and minerals which play a major role and impact our hair health, each of them contribute differently. It is important to understand their functioning for our knowledge so we can ensure we incorporate them in our diet for good hair health and be worry free of hair fall.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an antioxidant which helps in growth of the cells and which in turn helps growth of the hair. Our skin glands also need Vitamin A which helps to produce sebum. Sebum acts as a protective layer and is helpful to keep our hair and scalp well moisturized and healthy. Many times we face severe dryness in the scalp which could be due to deficiency of Vitamin A. So one can look for it and ensure adequate sources in the diet for the same. Eg – major yellow and orange veggies and fruits like bell peppers, papayas, pumpkin, carrots to name a few.

Vitamin B

In Vitamin B, there are a lot of vitamins but specifically the vitamin B7-Biotin is known as the hair vitamin due to the contributing factors it has for our hair health. It helps to better the quality of hair along with improved growth of hair,it is one of the best known vitamins that contribute to hair health and deficiency of the same can lead to hair loss. 

Apart from vitamin B7 the other Vitamin B-Complex also are useful wherein they help in important functions like converting nutrients from food into energy that the body can utilize easily, it also helps in activating other vitamins which indirectly help in the hair growth, it aids to improve the production of red blood cells which are the responsible molecules for carrying oxygen and nourishment to our scalp thus improving overall hair health. One can try to increase food sources like eggs, nuts and seeds which can help to get adequate nourishment in their diet for our hair.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also known as the beauty vitamin for the benefits it adds to the skin and hair health. It is a strong antioxidant and helps to reduce oxidative stress. It improves the base of the scalp holding the hair and gives a protective lipid layer to it making the hair held stronger. Major sources are the seeds and nuts groups apart from fruits.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very potent and strong antioxidant for your hair. It helps to neutralise free radical damage, boosts collagen production and improves the hair lustre. It also helps those with weak and brittle hair from hair breakage. Sources of Vitamin C like amla, guava, lime, sweet lime can help to cover up the deficiencies.


Many times the hair loss/hair fall is also due to lack of iron which affects the haemoglobin as a molecule and that in turn affects its activity which is mainly to provide oxygen and nourishment to the cells of the scalp and hair follicles as well. 

Lack of iron can cause anaemia and this is seen more as hair loss in women than female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia, it is believed to be the most common type of hair loss in women.

Female pattern hair loss usually refers to thinning hair in the middle portion of the scalp. People with this hair loss pattern may also have thinning or receding hair on the hairline along their forehead. Hence it becomes imperative to keep regular check for iron if one is suffering from hair loss. Sources like- Red meats, green leafy veggies, nuts and seeds can be included more in the diet for the natural sources.


Zinc is a trace element and is required in minimal amounts for our daily requirement however some of the major processes in our body rely on zinc. It aids in reproduction, cell growth, maintenance of hormones and protein synthesis to name a few functions. The lack of zinc causes hormonal imbalance which can lead to shrinking of follicles as well, it also aids in oil production in the sebaceous gland which keeps the scalp healthy. Food sources like nuts and seeds, legumes, beans, dark chocolates can help to maintain adequate zinc levels in our body.


Selenium is also an antioxidant and has immunomodulatory properties, it helps to clear toxins which have an adverse effect on the hair growth and can cause hindrance in our hair health. Selenium is also involved in the formation of the new hair and it regulates the thyroid hormones as well. These hormones indirectly affect our other systems functioning as well, these hormones and minerals go hand in hand which help in having healthy hair and deficiency of one can cause severe hair loss. Food sources like nuts and seeds, fish, eggs, meat are rich sources of selenium which will help to make our diet be adequate in the same and decrease chances of any deficiency.


Omega is a rich class of fatty acids which is anti-inflammatory in nature, it fights and decreases the inflammation in our body. In terms of hair health it plays a very important role. It provides essential nutrients to the hair follicles and also keeps it healthy by providing the needed healthy fats. It helps to manage hair loss as it reduces inflammation caused by factors like stress, heavy medications and poor sleep patterns/lifestyle etc. Studies also show it can help to improve the overall hair health and increase the hair thickness and reduce brittleness of the hair. Food sources like flax seeds or Canola are sources which can help us cover up for our daily dose of Omega in our diet.

DHT Blocker 

DHT Blocker may sound like a huge word but it’s basically DHT is dihydrotestosterone which is a male sex hormone. This hormone functions by binding to the receptors in our scalp and gradually this causes loss of the hair and also shrinks the follicle size which reduces the new hair growth as well, this is generally found in male pattern baldness also known as androgenic alopecia.

So DHT Blocker helps to block this activity of the hormone which helps further to improve hair growth and also stop the current hair loss.

To get all of the above nutrients in the diet is not easy considering the diet culture we have today, the stress and lifestyle that we follow. However we can get all of the above on a daily basis and fortunately for it we have the OZiva Hair Vitamins which comes to  our rescue. It has the goodness of Vitamin A, C, D, E, B-complex, Iron, Zinc & Omega-3. 

It also prevents follicle shrinking and controls hair fall with the help of DHT Blockers present in it. The dosage for the same is 2 capsules daily post lunch/dinner for 3 to 6 months which helps us to see visible changes.

Hair Vitamins 

Along with OZiva Hair Vitamins, eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle along with it is crucial, as that forms the base for our overall health and not just hair health. 

Along with it some additional physical activity is like a cherry on the top which helps to improve blood circulation and also helps to improve the nourishment to the scalp which is necessary for hair growth and overall hair health. 

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