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2023 is here, and with it comes the chance for a new fitness mantra and resolution! Get fitter than ever in 90 days with 100% Certified Clean Protein & Herbs for Women by improving your metabolism and reducing your body fat percentage, along with a  daily fitness routine. Read more regarding this protein powder for women! 

Ladies, in 2023, you might have made a resolution to get healthier and fitter than ever. If you think that it sounds difficult to maintain, we at OZiva have got your covered! Our expert team of nutritionists have put together a simple, foolproof plan for you to get fitter and healthier in 90 days!

This routine will make you feel more energetic than ever! Let’s tell you more about it below and why clean protein with Ayurvedic herbs is so beneficial for you. 

What is Clean Protein? 

To put it simply, clean protein refers to any source of protein (in this case, protein powder for women) that is completely free of any contaminants such as antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs and heavy metals. 

Clean protein is highly desirable because it ensures that you can consume your protein powder for women for a longer period of time (at least 3-6 months) safely without any side effects and it has better results for your long-term health goals. OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women is a 100% clean protein powder for women, Certified Clean by the US-Based Clean Label Project, tested in parts per billion. 

How Protein Powder helps Women 

While protein is important for both men and women, it is especially important for women for a variety of health reasons, especially as women are likely to consume less protein than men on a daily basis. Here’s why you SHOULD not miss protein, ladies! 

  • Weight Control – If your goal is to shed those inches or maintain a healthy body weight, then a protein powder for women is an essential for a diet plan. Protein-rich diets keep you much fuller for longer, and give you a feeling of satiation. This protein powder for women also helps prevent junk food cravings, and reduces your overall calorie intake (as you have eaten less food). This calorie limitations help burn and reduce your body fat percentage. As a result, welcome to a healthier weight over a period of time!
  • Healthy Metabolism – Protein has a powerful thermic effect on your body, which means that when you take more protein (such as through a protein powder for women), you burn more calories around the clock, even when you’re asleep. So if you’re typically burning calories, protein can help you burn around 80 to 100 calories more, which helps boost your metabolism. That means a high-protein diet driven by a protein powder for women has a high advantage over all other diets.
  • Supporting Skin & Hair Health – Protein provides the structure of your connective tissues, including bones, hair and nails. Getting enough protein with complimentary vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin D can keep your skin looking healthier and younger by enhancing its structure.

Why You Should Pick Whey Protein 

There are many types of protein powder for women, but our routine recommends you go with whey protein powder. Whey protein powder is derived from milk sources and it contains a complete amino acids profile. There are nine essential amino acids the body needs, and it makes some internally and needs some others from sources. Whey protein is easy to digest and you can consume it post-workout as part of the muscle recovery process. It can be packaged into a variety of flavours and textures such as chocolate, cafe mocha, and vanilla almond. Whey protein powder contains high amounts of leucine, making it one of the best protein powders for muscle gain. One can find both whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate powders in the market, but the best protein powder for women is a mixture of both, such as OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women!

Benefits of OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women

OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women is the perfect companion for your fitness journey! It contains 23g Certified Clean whey protein along with 15 vitamins & minerals as well as essential Ayurvedic Herbs like Shatavari and Tulsi.

Take it consistently in order to improve your metabolism, manage your weight, tone and reduce your body fat percentage, support better hormonal balance, improve your digestion and enhance your skin and hair!

It is soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and does not contain any artificial preservatives or added sugar.

OZiva’s 90-Day Fitness Routine

Here we go! Let’s get started with our uniquely crafted 90-day fitness routine! All you need to do is two simple steps. Hear from actress Krithi Shetty about why she took up this routine!

“Recently I came across the concept of Body Fat %. Even a person who looks slim can have high fat%. One of the most important ways to reduce it is to eat clean, have right amount of protein & exercise regularly in order to have a healthy body.”

And here’s what she did:

  1. Running daily for around 20-30 minutes to keep yourself strong and energetic 
  2. Take 1 scoop of OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women every day in the morning to improve metabolism and work on reducing your body fat percentage.

And hear from her about what she NEVER misses!

Even if I miss exercising, I don’t miss my daily morning OZiva drink! Loving the new routine so far! I feel so fit & happy. Join me in this challenge. It’s fabulous!”

Follow Krithi’s workout here. 


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