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Feeling the all-too-familiar Mumbai heat creeping up yet? Summer is almost upon us, and with that comes the time to begin your summer skincare routine with items like powdered collagen and anti aging serums. Yes, you can begin in February for the best results. Read more below!

February is a month of transition, where the cooler winds of the winter and its associated skin problems (like dry skin, wrinkles, fine lines and age spots) diminish in favour of bright sunshine. The summer humidity has its advantages of course (it provides your skin with moisture to keep it more supple), but you will require specific ingredients and products for your skin in the summer to keep it looking refreshed and glowing! 

If you think you don’t have time to take care of your skin every day, don’t worry! We’ve come with a new skincare routine for you that you can do in the AM and PM, which will take you half an hour at most! This routine involves powdered collagen, anti aging serums and anti aging creams and it’s a clean, plant-based 3 step routine that nourishes your skin from the inside out! 

Skincare Changes with the Seasons 

Your skin changes with the seasons! Winter brings dry weather that strips your skin of its natural moisture and can cause itchiness. Summer on the other hand brings moisture that restores hydration to the skin, but summer can bring itchiness, breakouts and redness. Air conditioning during summer can further dehydrate your skin, so you might need more hydration in your routine than you think 

Sweat mixes with your skin and can build up along with your natural oil. It robs you of your freshness and can reduce your youthful glow, although it has a hydrating effect. You need a set of rules for skincare to rule the summer from dawn to sundown! 

Read this Pre-Summer Skincare Routine below: 

Our team of experts have put together this routine that nourishes your skin from the inside-out, no matter the skin type. Combining OZiva’s very own powdered collagen with its anti aging serum and anti aging cream will help your skin retain its youthful glow, keep you looking fresher through the sweat and humidity, and maintain your skin’s natural oils. It will also help tighten your skin. All you have to do is 3 steps:

  1. Consume OZiva Collagen Builder 

The very first step in this exciting summer skincare routine is to consume OZiva’s powdered collagen supplement. Collagen is one of the most essential proteins in the body and is found in the skin, tendons, ligaments and bones. It is responsible for keeping your skin looking fresh, vibrant, youthful and supple. 

Our body naturally produces collagen, but around the age of 25, the body’s natural collagen reserves begin to deplete due to reasons such as pollution, ultraviolet ray exposure, and dietary habits. As a result, the body begins to lose elasticity in the skin and the skin begins to accumulate more wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. And we can’t have that happen! So you need to consume powdered collagen to allow your body to rebuild collagen naturally. 

OZiva Collagen Builder is a plant-based powdered collagen supplement that supports 10X Collagen Synthesis for more youthful, wrinkle-free skin. It contains 21 plant-based wholefoods like Acai Berry, Sea Buckthorn and Biotin for giving you a natural, long-lasting glow and contributing to anti-ageing! 

Consume 2 scoops in the evening time for around 3-6 months for the best results! Now, onto the next step.

2. Apply Youth Elixir Anti Aging Serum 

For the next step, you need to apply OZiva’s main anti aging serum to help pause ageing and stay fresher than ever. In summer, external factors like dust, pollution, harsh exposure to ultraviolet rays, and even extra wind can help accelerate ageing. You need a strong shield to ensure that your skin stays safe! 

Anti aging serums are your best way of giving your skin that extra boost to stay fresh! Serums contain smaller molecules that penetrate deeply into the skin and help solve the problem faster. Serums are used to resolve a variety of concerns, but anti aging serums are the most popular on the market because of their effectiveness! They work to reverse and prevent signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. They usually also provide strong antioxidant properties to the skin to reduce damage from free radicals. 

OZiva Youth Elixir Anti Ageing Serum is one of the most popular anti aging serums on the market. It is 100% clean and plant-based, and helps 50% wrinkle reduction* within around 8 weeks of use! It contains ingredients like Rose Oil and Tiare Flower that help reduce signs of ageing and leave your skin with a youthful summer glow that can beat the sweat throughout the day! 

Apply 3-4 drops of your serum and gently pat it on to a cleansed face as part of your PM Routine. Wait till fully absorbed into the skin before moving on to the final step! 

3. Finish up with powerful OZiva Youth Elixir Anti Ageing Moisturising Cream 

For the final step, follow up your anti aging serum with an equally powerful overnight anti aging cream. While anti aging serums are powerful, anti aging creams offer you a mix of hydration, nutrients and sun protection! They are moisturisers with key ingredients that smooth your fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten up your skin to give it a natural summery glow. 

You can keep your anti aging cream on throughout the night for it to penetrate deeper into your skin and allow you to keep a long-lasting glow. 

OZiva Youth Elixir Anti Ageing Moisturising cream is the perfect companion to your anti aging serum! It helps up to 30% reduction in wrinkles* and provides a tautness to your skin. It has a strong hydrating effect on your skin. It helps provoke strong antioxidant activity in the skin which also aids the pausing of ageing. Apply liberally twice a day to freshly cleansed skin, starting from the neck and working your way up to the face. Massage in an upward motion until it gets completely absorbed into the skin. Use morning and night, bare-faced or under makeup.

Buy it here! 


Summer is a glorious time in your life. All the long days that you can use to fulfill all your dreams! But with this routine, you ensure that you look young and fresh throughout it all! Read more about the phenomenon of anti-ageing here


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