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The debate over the most efficient exercise in terms of giving quick results and weight loss is at peak now, especially after having so many options available at everybody’s convenience. In truth, each type of exercise is beneficial in its own way and as it goes without saying, focusing only on one aspect is as good as not getting any work done. Therefore, it is equally important to cover as many changes as possible to get closer to your results.

Here are 3 commonly used exercise types, their pros and cons for your understanding:

Steady cardio training:
It is a kind of cardiovascular exercise that, as the name suggests, takes place at a definitive, steady pace which is usually between 30-60 minutes. The best part about this type of exercise is that it can be a great place to start physical activity for beginners where they can warm their bodies up for exercise and gradually move onto working harder. Being aerobic, it is fueled by the fat stores, and imparts several health benefits like improving digestion, heart health and breathing patterns. However, the downside to this type of exercise is that it can get monotonous after a while at the same pace or using similar patterns thus bringing about the plateau effect.

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HIIT (High intensity interval training)

This type of exercise is an anaerobic one that actually utilizes the carbohydrate stores, and counter-intuitively, makes you burn more of fat stores and increases the breathing pattern by engaging the whole body into a fast paced exercise regime. This exercise usually forms a 25-30 minutes set, with each exercise lasting 5-7 minutes each and giving a rest period for a 15-20 seconds. The best part about this workout type is that it is not only convenient (since you can do this without any equipments) but is also less time consuming and therefore can become very easy to follow for someone who has little time for physical activity. However, the cons are that it should not be overdone, i.e., not more than 2-3 times a week and that it is not the best suited exercise type for beginners with the sudden increase in impact of activities.

Weight training:
Many people follow strength training regimes that use heavy weights and few repetition ranges- generally 2-6 per set in order to build muscle mass. Strength training is generally used to increase the overall muscle mass and improve endurance. When looking at the effectiveness of weight loss exercises in terms of calories burned per minute, strength training or weight training comes second to cardio workouts. However, the perks of weight training are that while it does help burn fat, it helps retain muscles.

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Takeaway note:
All the exercise types have their own benefits that show depending on the time spent on each one. However, it should be understood that to reap the most benefits, you could try and incorporate a bit of everything in your workout regime so as to not reach a stagnant phase and constantly keep your body in a state of change so that you may remain lean and keep fat at bay. Another point of consideration is that, in addition to workouts it is equally important to pay attention to the kind of food you feed your body and the type of lifestyle you adapt to.

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