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Roshni Bhatia is a mother, a fashion stylist & a beauty blogger who loves to add OZiva to her daily routine!

Fashion is the clothes we wear, the shoes we walk in, the style we eat, the style we talk, even the food we eat! Meet Roshni Bhatia, a popular Fashionista who believes that there are no rules to fashion!

It is just expressing yourself and being you! Roshni has inspired many women to love themselves as she believes that true beauty is from inside!

Her daily routine includes some form of workout – whether it is running, yoga etc. She often loves to have OZiva Protein & Herbs after her workout. At OZiva we love to share Real Stories of Real People who have added OZiva to their lives.

Thank you Roshni for inspiring many of us to stay fit and healthy and also for sharing your daily routine with us.

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