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It is well known that meal replacement shakes are meant to replace a meal. However, there is more to the benefits of a Meal Replacement than just being a replacement of a meal.

A Meal Replacement Shake not only does replace a meal but also helps with weight loss/ weight control, providing you with proper nutrition that often gets lost in junk food and skipped meals. Meal replacement shakes are meant to help you replace high-caloric meals or unhealthy meals with lighter and balanced alternatives.

So, how does a Meal Replacement Shake help cut down on your cravings?

This is very simple to understand. The property of a good meal replacement shake is in the varied benefits it provides and the different core ingredients it contains work in their own ways towards a similar target which is, provide a balanced nutrition.

When it specifically comes to weight loss, you must understand that it is important to burn more calories than consumed. While there is great struggle in dealing with junk food that is easily available, on the other hand there are extremely calorie-restricting diets that instead of helping you with weight loss propel you towards eating more. That is where most diets fail because they set more hunger pangs and food cravings that you cannot help but give in to, and once you go off the diet you end up going back to previous faulty eating habits.  

This is where the meal replacement shakes come handy to get you out of the vicious cycle. It works in helping you achieve your goals without being tasteless and nutrient-depriving!

The main reasons why you feel cravings could be any of these:

  • Skipping meals/mid-meals– for instance, if you skip lunch or a snack, you will be starving by evening and reach for messy pizzas or vada pav helpings.
  • Extreme dieting– creating extreme calorie restrictions in diet is not only impractical and dangerous but also a sure shot way to make you crave all the more for the wrong kind of foods and gain weight!
  • Not drinking enough water– This often gets ignored but it is extremely important to make sure you are always hydrated. Often the signals sent out by body for water are confused with the want for food, hence the cravings.

Here is how a good quality Meal Replacement Shake works:

  • Higher protein content: A Meal Replacement Shake should contain at least 20 gm of protein per serving of shake. The high protein content in a shake helps with the slow release of protein which is one factor that keeps you feeling full for longer.


  • Dietary fibre: It is essential that a meal replacement shake contain a decent amount of dietary fibre (3-5 gm/ serving). You could also add in any other source of fibre to your shake, like fruit or some nuts. Dietary fibre has for the longest time prevailed as the hero for fighting hunger pangs, among many other benefits. Fibre forms a slow digesting bolus in your stomach that not only is good for keeping any kind of craving at bay but also gives your digestive process a smooth ride!


Takeaway note:

Invest in a good quality, high protein Meal Replacement Shake that gives as low calories as 130-150 kcals per serving and no less than 20 gm. protein per serving. Check the label for fibre content and quality of carbohydrates. Lastly, ensure that you also follow up with an equally healthy meal pattern other than the Meal Replacement Shake and make the necessary changes to your lifestyle to achieve the desired results.


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