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Hair on the floor, hair on your bed, hair in your cushions. Hair, hair everywhere. While it’s natural to lose your strands every day, how much is it normal to lose? Stress and other health conditions might cause an increase in shedding. Find out now. 

How Much Hair Loss is Normal? 

Voluminous hair, with plenty of movement and shine is what is considered as ideal or achievable hair. But it is easy to assume that your hair is not healthy when you see clumps of hair in the shower or around a room. Hair loss (a small level) is normal at every age and for both men and women. 

When you shower or shampoo, your hair that is already loose or disconnected from your scalp comes free due to the tugging and scrubbing process, and congregates near the drain. While it might look scary, you are probably seeing the normal levels of hair shedding. 

According to most experts, it is normal to lose anywhere between 80 to 100 hairs in a day. For people with longer hair strands and hair follicles, the loss of 80 to 100 hours does not seem so stark. However, for people with shorter strands and follicles, the hair loss might be more noticeable, causing worry. 

Hair Thinning: A Baseline 

Another component of hair loss you should analyse is hair thinning. Even if you are losing more than 200 strands of hair daily and you observe no thinning of hair, then that is your baseline and it is normal for you. 

But even beyond your baseline, if you are seeing excessive hair loss, then you could be facing hair shedding. A simple way to find out is to  do “the pull test”. Run your hand gently through your hair, tugging at the strands (not in a hard way). If you see around 8-15 strands fall out per 100 strands of hair, then it is normal.

But if you see beyond 15 strands of hair per 100 strands of hair, then you could be facing hair shedding. Before you go for any treatment, you need to understand the possible reasons behind your hair fall. 

Places Where You Can See Shedding 

Another tool that reveals your hair shedding is your hair brush. If you brush your hair every day or twice a day, you will notice less hair fall each time. If you brush your hair less, a few times every week, you should see more hair fall out every time. 

75-80% of the hair loss you face is in the shower, or after you shampoo your hair. Keep an eye out for hair fall during every bath! 

Reasons for Hair Fall in Men and Women

  • Alopecia (a medical condition that results in excessive hair fall) 
  • Nutritional deficiencies (there are specific vitamins and minerals for hair growth that you might be lacking) 
  • Excessive hair washing, styling, or bleaching (in particular, colouring your hair with bleach can affect its condition and damage the ends) 
  • Thyroid conditions 
  • Stress, especially long periods of stress, can cause plenty of hair fall 

How To Manage Shedding Naturally 

Now that you know that you are facing excess hair shedding, you have to think of a holistic and natural way to manage hair fall. The main reason for hair fall in men and women is the growth of an enzyme called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which binds to the receptors on your hair follicles and weakens them. As a result, they fall off.

Choosing hair supplements that inhibit the growth of this enzyme is the best way to manage hair fall. OZiva Hair Vitamins is a natural solution to hair fall that contains vitamins and minerals like Biotin, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron, Vitamin D and Vitamin E for hair health, as well as Omega 3 fatty acids. It helps support Hair Fall Control with 2X Natural DHT Blocking*, nourishes your hair from the inside out, and helps out with hair growth in the long term.

Consume it for 90 days regularly (2 capsules, 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner) for the best results!

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