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You should take care of your gut with a superfood drink! With today’s fast-paced life, we tend to compromise on our gut health. While we may take care of the rest of the body, we often tend to neglect our gut. And a healthy gut is the key for a healthy body! A superfood drink like OZiva Superfood Greens & Herbs provides numerous benefits to the body, under one umbrella.

OZiva Superfood Greens & Herbs is a plant-based superfood drink and daily green supplement which contains an impressive nutrient profile, equivalent to 10-15 nutritious foods! superfood drink

This superfood drink helps in detoxification, improving metabolism, better digestion, and improves gut health. It enhances skin health as well by reducing inflammation, which further keeps acne and pimples at bay. This superfood drink contains 5 alkalising, 34 detox ingredients, and 10 immunity-building herbs, combined together for complete body care. Read this blog to understand how drinking this superfood drink regularly benefits you and about its impressive nutrient profile. 

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What’s in this superfood drink?

A healthy body and gut requires you to consume a balanced diet which contains foods like oats, almonds, carrots, oranges, greens like spinach, sunflower seeds and more. However, we do not have time to source and consume these foods with our busy lives. 

Why not try taking a superfood drink where 1-2 scoops provide the equivalent of all those foods? 

Here is the impressive nutrient profile of OZiva Superfood Greens & Herbs: 

Nutrient Amounts  Dietary Equivalents 
Fibre 1.28g  1/4 cup oats 
Vitamin A 379 mcg  1/2 cup carrots 
Vitamin C  40 mg  3/4 orange 
Vitamin E  10g mg  5 almonds / 50g almonds 
Vitamin K  34.6 mg  1/4 cup spinach 
Thiamine  1.04 mg 1/4 tsp sunflower seeds 
Riboflavin  1.26 mg  2.5 cup milk 
Niacin  8.62mg  1/2 cup peanuts or 60g peanuts 
Biotin 15.7 mcg 1 cup cooked soybean
selenium 22.7 mg 250 Brazil nuts
Zinc 1.09 mg 1 cup cooked lentil
Iron  1.06 mg 1/4 cup cooked spinach

What are the Benefits of this Superfood Drink? 

superfood drink

Glass of green smoothie on table in front of woman sho made it

  • This superfood drink has around 1.28grams of fibre, which is equivalent to the fibre found in 1/4th cup oats. This fibre helps to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This further keeps lifestyle disorders at bay, promotes growth of good gut bacteria and further aids in flourishing the healthy gut flora. It also increases the feeling of fullness aiding in satiety.
  • We live stressful lives and as a result experience oxidative stress! That’s why we need Vitamin A. This superfood drink also has 379 mcg Vitamin A which is equivalent to ½ cup carrots, Vitamin A is a strong antioxidant and also is majorly responsible for our eye health. It helps reduce the risk of macular degeneration and other vision-related risks. 
  • This superfood drink also has 40 mg of Vitamin C equivalent to ¾ orange. Vitamin C is also a strong antioxidant which protects our cells. It maintains healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage and keeps us healthy overall. It also plays a major role for maintaining our immunity and protects us from infections.
  • It has 10 mg of Vitamin E equivalent to 5 almonds. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant also known as the beauty vitamin for its effects for our skin and hair health. The Vitamin E in this superfood drink also helps in keeping our brain cells healthy. It ensures healthy scalp and aids in maintaining hair growth. It inhibits the production of ROS (reactive oxidative species) formed when fat undergoes oxidation which further helps in the anti-ageing process.
  • This superfood drink has Vitamin K equivalent to 1/4th cup of spinach. Vitamin K is essential for our life as it plays a vital role in blood clotting. It is also required by the osteocalcin protein which requires Vitamin K to produce healthy bone tissue. This decreases the risk of osteoporosis and injuries. 

Some more benefits of this drink:

  • This superfood drink also has 1.04 mg Thiamin equivalent to 1/4th tsp of sunflower seeds. Vitamin B in this superfood brew helps fight fatigue, sleep disturbances, irritability, poor memory, abdominal discomfort and also helps in weight loss. Deficiency of the same known as beri-beri can lead to brain, heart and nerve abnormalities. 
  • This superfood drink has 1.26 mg of riboflavin which is equivalent to 2.5 cups of milk. Riboflavin also known as Vitamin B2 and has many vital functions. It helps in providing energy to the body by metabolising carbohydrates, fats and protein into glucose. It also plays a role of antioxidants for appropriate functioning of the immune system, skin and hair. It also plays major role in body growth and in RBC production
  • In this superfood drink, you can see 8.62 mg of Niacin, which is also known as Vitamin B3. The amount which this product provides is equal to 1/2 cup I.e. 60 grams of peanuts. There are wide ranges of niacin like helping to keep healthy nerves, skin and digestive system. Just like riboflavin it also helps to metabolise carbohydrates, protein and fats for energy purposes. Studies have also shown that it helps to lower cholesterol level by increasing HDL and lowering LDL and triglycerides level. Disease known as pellagra is caused due to niacin deficiency which leads to dermatitis, dementia, diarrhoea. Hence when appropriate intake of niacin is taken this issue can stay at bay

The Last Set of Benefits of This Superfood Drink: 

  • This superfood drink contains 15.7 mcg of Biotin which is equivalent to 1 cup cooked soybean. As all the B complex vitamins are necessary in metabolism pathways. Biotin which is a part of B complex vitamin also known as Vitamin B7 plays a vital role in all the nutrient metabolism cycle. It is also important in the formation of keratin thus in strengthening of hair and nails.
  • It has 22.7 mg of selenium which is equivalent to 250 Brazil nuts. It is a necessary component in many enzymes and proteins. This mineral is of great importance for the metabolism of thyroid hormones. It is also a vital component for DNA synthesis.
  • It has 1.09 mg of ZInc which is equivalent to 1 cup cooked lentils. Zinc has many roles like in the generation of DNA, repairing of damaged tissue, supporting the immune system, and reducing inflammation. Major function but essential one is in cell growth, cell division. It also plays an important role in the smell and taste senses. It is one of the crucial nutrients for the growth and development of a baby as a foetus, during infancy and the childhood period. It also enhances action of insulin thus proving beneficial for diabetics.
  • SGH contains 1.06 mg of  iron which is equivalent to 1/4 cup cooked spinach. The main role of iron which everyone knows is in making haemoglobin and treating iron deficiency anaemia. It is also required for proper growth and development. Thus in this way it acts crucial for preventing tiredness, fatigue and improving energy and stamina by providing oxygen rich blood supply to the organs. It is also required in DNA synthesis and in electron transport.
  • This superfood drink has a rich blend of many plant extracts which helps to make our body more alkaline for optimal functioning. It also helps keep diseases at bay along with many other benefits. This superfood drink has a blend of greens like Tulsi, Spinach, Moringa, Chlorella, Alfalfa, Mint, Spirulina, Wheatgrass & Barley Grass. All of these are alkaline-rich foods which help majorly in fighting against toxins.
  • This superfood drink contains Alfalfa, which helps replenish liver-friendly minerals like potassium which further helps in detoxification of liver. Also these superfoods are a rich source of chlorophyll, which purifies the body by supplying clean oxygen through blood vessels.
  • This superfood drink contains Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi and Ginger, which improve stamina, energy levels and alertness. So in all if we see this would provide one with complete body detoxification and a healthy gut necessary to keep all the diseases at bay and to achieve an overall healthy self.
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