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Weight Loss TipsThese days there are many kind of diets trending. From general motor diet to warrior diets, all are proven to show great results. But what after that? What happens if you go back to your daily routine once your goals are accomplished? You gain weight again.

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This is why most “diets” fail. Instead change your daily routine in a manner where you can follow it everyday and get fit. Here are some tips which you can follow.

Tips To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Have a well balanced diet

Balanced diet is the key to fitness. It would help us stay more fit and active and also meet all requirements of our body. Try eating on the same time everyday.

Exercise daily

Working out is of utmost importance. This will help your body in losing weight. Make sure to do some weight training. This would help build lean muscles, increase your metabolism and burn fat. Try to exercise at least 30 mins everyday. Apart from exercising, try staying active throughout the day. Stay away from the bed and once in a while take a walk around to stretch your legs especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.


Have protein after workout. During workout your muscles might get damaged. Consuming protein rebuilds them. Also increase your protein intake through foods like eggs, daals, fish, beans, or protein shakes.

Watch what you eat

Do no eat just for the sake of eating. Try drinking water if you are not hungry and feel like eating as this could be because of dehydration. If you still cannot give up binging then eat foods with very less calories like homemade popcorn or fruit chips.

Cut down on sugar

Try cutting sugar out of your diet little by little. If you find it difficult then substitute it with honey. Do not use artificial sweeteners, they are harmful to our health.

Have No Restrictions

Do not restrict yourself or make any rules. If you are going out with you friends, don’t restrict yourself by saying you won’t eat anything. Instead have everything you like to eat in smaller amounts. Restrictions will only increase your want for food. Have no restrictions and do not ever have cheat days.


Have the right amount of sleep. An adult must sleep between 6 to 8 hours. If your quality of sleep is good then you can feel well rested even by sleeping 6 hours. Do not skip on your sleep and at the same time do not oversleep which most of us tend to do on weekends.

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