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Being a Mom is not easy. Shouldering the responsibility of the entire family and making sure everyone gets what they need – be it meals, misplaced belongings, or anything else – this can be quite draining. Being able to take some time out for yourself can be quite a task – especially when it has to be to focus on your own health.

Meet Anu Gupta! She is an Indian Mom who lives in Bangalore and is a mother of one.  She gives us a sneak peek into what she does to keep herself healthy and fit. Watch how she hits the gym to build up her strength and stamina – to do everything she needs for her family and still have energy left to enjoy her “me time”.

She follows it by making herself a protein rich breakfast by taking milk, bananas and a scoop of  OZiva Protein & Herbs  and blending it into a smoothie. She prefers OZiva Protein & Herbs as it is specially designed for women , helps in increasing metabolism and weight management. It helps her stay fit and healthy!

At OZiva, we have an incomparable respect of simple people who manage to be extra-ordinary. People who lead the same hectic lives as everyone else but still have a way of taking things in their stride. We’re inspired by people who go against odds and find the time to work on their health – so that they can be a better version of themselves.

It is our absolute pleasure to bring you their stories – the real stories of real people who have included OZiva in their lives
Big thanks to Anu for sharing her story with us – hope we all get to take something away from it.


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