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Most of us have tried to lose weight by cutting down calories, changing diets and eating raw food. Although it does seem doable at first, it gets difficult with time, especially when others around us are having delicious food and soon we give in to temptation.

Meet Saloni Srivastava. She is a resident of Bangalore who believes in helping people live a healthy and organised life. She doesn’t only make delicious food, she makes it healthy too! In the video, she shares some vegetarian recipes which are high in protein and low in carbs. These recipes are tasty to eat and also aid in weight loss!

After her morning run, she prefers to have one scoop of OZiva Proteins & Herbs with milk as it would fulfill 30-40% protein requirement for the day. This is the only protein shake she finds really delicious and also helps her manage her weight.

At OZiva we love to share real stories of real people who have included OZiva in their daily lives and are selfless like Saloni. She has not only lost weight herself, but has helped many people lose weight through her recipes and has beaten the stereotype of dieting and weight loss! She has motivated many people to lose weight and stay fit!

Thanks to Saloni for sharing her story with us! Get a free customized weight loss diet plan for yourself!


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