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Being a student is not easy. Apart from heavy books, difficult studies, exams, cold meals and sleep deprivation, there is also a lot of peer pressure involved- from parents, classmates, teachers and friends. In all this mess, no student can find time to exercise or even go for a walk. There is hardly any time to eat proper meals because of college and classes. Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Meet Shakshi Shetty. She is a student from Mumbai, who has to meet many project deadlines, has a lot of college work and still manages to take care of her health! In the video she shows how OZiva Protein & Herbs helps her in her daily busy life and how it can help other people stay fit and healthy.

Shakshi loves taking OZiva because of its benefits like anti-aging and skin tightening, reduction in body fat and improvement in metabolism. Just like most students, she doesn’t always get to have her meals on time and has the Meal Replacement Shake which will keep her full!

At OZiva we love to share Real Stories of Real People who manage to somehow find time for their own health even though they live a hectic life. She has not only inspired us by her story but also motivated thousands of students to take care of their health, be fit and be a better version of themselves.

Big thanks to Shakshi for sharing her story with us!

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