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Makeup is magic and makeup artists are magicians. With just a few brush strokes and hair dos, they transform everyone to look beautiful and enchanting. These makeup artists are best in extracting everyone’s inner beauty for the world to admire. But have you ever wondered what these makeup artists do to increase their own inner beauty?

Meet Swati Talwar. She is a 21 year old, certified makeup artist and a literature student from Delhi. She likes fashion, travelling and photography.  In this video, she shares with us her morning routine for a healthy lifestyle with some natural beauty tips, which would help everyone bringing out their inner beauty.

After her morning run, she likes to have OZiva Protein & Herbs which would help her make her workout count.  Previously, Swati never liked drinking milk but because of OZiva Protein & Herbs Chocolate flavour, she loves drinking it now.

At OZiva we have immense respect for people like Swati. Even at such a young age, she transforms the ordinary into extraordinary. She believes that no one is perfect but that people can try and be a better version of themselves.  She has not taken this road to a better and healthy lifestyle alone, but also inspired many people to join her in her journey and have a better life just by having a healthy morning routine.

We are happy to share Swati’s story with all of you.

Real Stories of Real People- who inspire others even in their everyday ordinary lives.

Big thanks to Swati for sharing her story with us. Get your free personalised diet plan if you would like to join Sakshi in her journey!

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