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Love, as a word is often misunderstood and mostly under-utilized. But when you consider the full spectrum of actions, words, or gestures that can express love – the most powerful one is bringing out the best in someone, helping them be a better version of themselves every day. Small supportive gestures can end up going a long way in changing someone’s life.

Meet Sonya Mehmi – an engineer from Mumbai. Like most engineers, Sonya was too busy with her work to take out some time for exercising. Then she decided to take a stand to take control of her life and live healthy – with simple steps. Literal simple steps! The change she started out with was choosing to walk instead of opting for the bus or calling a cab. But she wasn’t alone in this journey.
Her husband has been a constant source of support – right from being her gym buddy to following a balanced and healthy diet. Such is love, far more powerful than grand gestures and poetic frills.
We’re proud to see how people can not only live healthy themselves but also get their loved ones to join them. The icing on the cake? We got to be a part of Sonya’s journey ourselves. Sonya has chosen OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women to get the most out of her exercise and we could not be happier about it!
At OZiva we love to share Real Stories of Real People who have included OZiva products in their lives. People like Sonya create a positive environment around them and have motivated many others to live a happy a fulfilling life.
Big thanks to Sonya and her husband for sharing their inspiring routine with us!
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