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A ketogenic diet is something that usually consists of low-carb, moderate protein and high fat foods. There are different types of ketogenic diets that differ with individual goals, however, through any kind of ketogenic diet the aim is to use fat as the main source of energy to achieve a lower fat mass and lose weight.

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How fit is Keto diet for Indians?

Since Indian staples are rich in carbs, getting used to a keto diet can pose as challenging initially. However, you can use low carb sources for basic components of the meals that do not send your calculated macronutrient intake out of proportion.

Including the likes of low carb flour options, butter, paneer, cheese, dairy, gram four, poultry, lean meat, fatty fish, common local veggies and fruits can be very nutritious in addition to helping create an Indian-friendly keto plan.

Since navratri is here, many of you who follow keto may be trying hard to get a diet plan that fits this season’s requirement as well as meets the need of this particular diet as well.  

Here is a sample 1 day diet plan for navratri that is Ketogenic and easy as well.

Breakfast: Yogurt bowl with nuts


Stir-fried broccoli sauteed in cheese sauce/ butter sauce


Paneer bhurji

With black tea/ coffee

Lunch: 1 bowl of Palak paneer with 1 slice of bread


Ghee Stir fried veggies and paneer


Dahi ke kebab with some greens

Dinner: Cream of Tomato/ Mushroom soup


Paneer tikka skewers


Cheesy chowder soup


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Sticking to a simple plan like this means you will have to worry less about prepping time and also enjoy the satiating meal well.  In addition to the above, you can also include your protein shake around your workout schedule. For snacks, you can munch on a mix of handful of nuts and coconut flakes or a small cube of cheese.



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