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If you recall correctly, before low fat or skimmed versions of milk hit the markets, dairy was considered a bad choice of food especially if you were thinking of losing weight. And as a result, dairy was exclusively excluded from the diet plan by and large.

Although, this myth/ misunderstanding has been worked through, even today many people on the weight loss regime try to cut out foods like yogurt or cheese due to the fat content.

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But what’s the truth?

Milk and milk products have been a part of research almost since the start. They have been known to contain a host of beneficial nutrients right from zinc, phosphorous, calcium, B complex vitamins and Vitamin D.  They play a crucial role in building strong bones, muscles, hair and nails.

Although, it is true that the calories/ fat from the dairy products can contribute to the weight but there is a big difference- the processed versions are the main agents to avoid. Other than that, you just need to watch your portioning and you’ll be perfectly fine.  

In research based evidence, it has been seen that people who consume calcium rich diet (Dairy) as a part of a calorie-controlled diet seemed to lose weight and manage it better than people who skip dairy altogether.  

What dairy foods actually help you shed that flab?

With minimally processed, low in saturated fat and ideally proportioned dairy options you can still slim down to your preferred size. Here is a list of foods that are healthy, make your gut and bones happy and are great for weight loss:

  • Natural Yogurt: this amazing dairy product is so good, it almost seems illegal! Great taste, amazing texture, is a booster for your gut health and packs a hefty dose of protein. Isn’t that the whole deal?
  • Paneer/ cottage cheese: another golden produce from the dairy, paneer or cottage cheese is the answer to your cheesy prayers.  A bowl (100-120) gm. gives you a whopping 14 gm protein. This is great because it has slow digesting casein protein which keeps your protein levels in the blood at a steady high and helps build and repair muscles over a period of time.
  • Fortified milk/ yogurt: If you are going to go for packaged milk products, reach for the fortified ones. These guys are complete with enough vitamin D, Calcium and added minerals that help meet your daily requirements. Although, keep an eye on the label for sugar content (the lower the better!)
  • Whey protein: Concentrated forms of whey protein (one of the milk proteins) is used commonly amongst fitness enthusiasts for two purposes- it helps supplement the exercising muscles with the necessary nutrients and helps in faster recovery and better muscle building, and secondly, it helps reduce the total body’s fat% which makes you appear leaner and stronger.

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Takeaway note:

Aim for 2-3 servings of dairy produce in a day without going overboard. While dairy is something that is certainly not something that is of any kind of threat to your health or weight, for that matter, you might want to consider alternatives in case of a pre-existing lactose intolerance or any other kinds of allergy.

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