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It is an undeniable fact that our lives are faster and more hectic as compared to before. So skipping meals, getting no exercise and not being able to get enough sleep are some issues that are becoming more and more prevelant.

With such a state of things, the simplest way to mitigate the harmful effects of all the issues mentioned above is to get educated on matters of nutrition and healthy living. Expert dietitian Mansi Padechia does exactly that. She empowers people with her vast knowledge and years of experience to lead a healthy lifestyle by themselves.

We’ve had the privilege of getting a closer look at her philosophies and ideas, here they are –

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Q. Could you please introduce yourself briefly to our readers?

A. I am practicing as Registered dietitian in the field of clinical and sports nutrition with 7 years of experience in rendering services to community through health programs and a customized mix of nutrition, simple exercises and cleansing methods. I have in-depth working knowledge about Nutrition, Metabolism, Chronic Diseases and Nutrition Deficiencies and that has helped me achieve the highest success rate & customer satisfaction.

I work with people online as well as offline, listen to them and understand their eating habits, health issues, life style and daily routine on basis of that diet is customized. I’m also an avid blogger and take up workshops and lifestyle seminars.

I completed my post graduation from SVT College in the field of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics with specialization in diabetes and cardiac care, B.Sc. in food science and nutrition and I’m a certified diabetes educator. My areas of expertise comprise of Therapeutic Diets, Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Diets, and Sports Nutrition.


Q. What is your philosophy for nutrition counselling?

A. My objective of  nutrition counselling is to promote a healthy lifestyle in an affordable and convenient manner, to help you feel great about your body, your weight and your health. To create self-awareness, to increase ones knowledge of food, nutrition and exercise through structured sessions and individually customized programs.


Q. What are some of the diet/nutrition related myths that you’ve come across over the years?


Over the years have come across many myths, to list few of them are as follows

  • Most common myth – skipping meals will help to lose weight
  • Eating soup or salad for dinner is quick fix to see desirable numbers on weighing scale
  • Eating carbohydrates is so bad and definite reason for gaining weight
  • Eating Rice is causative reason for weight gain
  • I am eating too much sugar I am going to be diabetic for sure
  • Exercising can erase all bad eating habits.
  • More you sweat, more you burn calories.
  • Running on treadmill is 100% injurious


Q. Do you have a “mantra” for living healthy?

A. Mantra I follow for living healthy is  in 3 words  ‘Go Beyond Diet” No diet approach. To count calories is virtually impossible in long run. Instead, understanding the nutrients and developing balance is a clever way of meeting nutritional needs and living healthy.


Q. What is your opinion on OZiva – the products and the philosophy?

A. Fast on-the-go, stressful life of Mumbaites have resulted in irregular meals, consumption of fast food etc. which further results in lack of nutrition and related problems. OZiva’s Meal Replacements with Herbs is lunch in jar solution. So meeting daily nutritional requirement without any havoc or major changes in lifestyle has become quite convenient. Plus meeting your goals of weight loss has become simpler too.


Q. We know you as an exceptional dietitian – we would like to know what you are like when you’re not working!

A. When I get home, or on weekends, when I am  away from the clinic – I like to engage myself in exercise or some group exercises like spinning,cycling or running. I like to attend weekend classes of contemporary dance. Read nutrition related books or novels, meet friends over coffee or catch up with new movies.

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It’s said that “Knowledge Is Power” and it makes perfect sense in this case.


Big thanks to Mansi for sharing her views and insights with us.

If you’d like to get in touch with Mansi, you can mail her –

We have more such stuff coming your way!

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