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Weight gain can sometimes be a challenge to some people than most especially, after considering that you have an increased number of calorie intake demand to meet to reach your goal. While for some, this may not be that difficult to pull, to others it may come off as a bigger challenge.

However, the most important thing to keep in mind when approaching weight gain is to accept and know for a fact that each body is different and even though the goal may be same, the response by the body and the results may show in a different way for different individuals. That is why, it is never a wise idea to be sheep in a herd and follow the common trend because others are doing the same to reach a common goal.

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Here are some important tips to bear in mind once you gear up to for some gains:

  • Eat healthy. Most of the time, the approach is, “if I need to increase my calorie intake then I need to eat everything that I lay my eyes onto.” This is the worst kind of self-destruction you could be doing to yourself. Yes you need the calories, but that does not mean you need them to be coming from junk food. When you are increasing your calorie intake, you also have to be mindful about the intake of the nutrients (or the lack thereof!). If you eat healthy, your calories will be used effectively and you will actually start building muscles. On the other hand, if you get loads of calories from unhealthy sources, you will definitely see a change on the scale but in truth, you would only be increasing your fat mass.
  • Seek the right alternatives. When it comes to eating heavy (increased calories) for weight gain, it may seem challenging to most people and they leave the effort halfway. It is understandable that not all the calories would be met by only what is on your platter. That is why there are products meant to help you bridge that gap called gainers. These are high in calories, contain a decent amount of protein and carbs to help you get to the goal. However, you have to be very careful about the kind of product you end up using because some are mostly loaded with a lot of sugar that only add empty calories. You do not want that. Go for the products that have just enough amount of sugar that does not get in the way of overall nutrition quality of the product.
  • Choose the right snacks. While you may be eating your meals consciously, don’t forget to pay attention to little details like snacks that also go into building your form. Ideally, a snack should be able to provide 150-200 kcals only and not more (or else you end up getting full and eat less at the next meal.) Choose from the likes of high calorie salad with seeds or nuts, a glass of fruit or vegetable juice with atleast 30% pulp, trail mixes, natural yogurt as smoothies or just yogurt with fruits, peanut butter sandwich, homemade healthy laddoos that contain nut and some healthy fat like ghee.

Here is a sample plan for weight gain:

Pre workout: Bananas/ Chickoos/ Dates/ Mixed fruit bowl
Post workout: 1 glass Gainer shake
Breakfast: 2-3 slices of wholegrain bread or roti with omelet


2-3 slices of wholegrain bread or roti with paneer bhurji


2 stuffed parathas

OR a bowl of oats with milk and fruits

Lunch: 2-3 rotis with a big bowl of lentils/ beans + 1 serving of meat or 2 servings of veggies along with some salad a cup of curd.
Dinner: Veg. chowder soup/ Chicken or Fish soup with greens


Same as lunch

OR khichdi with curd

Bed-time 1 glass of gainer


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Takeaway note:

For you to reach any goal- whether it is weight loss or weight gain- it requires a combined effort of lifestyle as well as dietary changes. That is why, don’t forget to include weight based exercises and other physical activity to help your work your muscles so that they are build stronger and better along with a power punched diet.  Additionally, don’t forget to get enough water throughout the day to keep yourself well hydrated, ward off fatigue and gut and digestion related problems.


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