Understanding the science behind weight loss is most crucial before getting into the craze of it. To put it very simple terms, you lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume and you when there is more calorie intake than their expenditure, there is weight gain happening.

The best approach towards achieving a desired weight goal is to stick to a pre-portioned or ideally sized meals and working out on a daily basis to ensure that whatever calories that you take in are also effectively used somewhere.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind when you go about your weight loss programs:  

  • First and foremost you have to accept and understand that no amount of fad or crash dieting will give you the kind of results you want. Yes, maybe you will see some changes visibly while you are on the fad diet but unknown to you, it will be doing more harm than good to your body. That is why, no single food type can give you all the nutrients that you want or the results that you want. You need to focus on getting everything on your plate in a balanced manner and ensure that everything is aptly portioned too.  A balanced diet is the best way to approach a better health.
  • When you go on a weight loss programs, don’t cancel out food groups/ nutrients.  Surprisingly, most of us think that going on a diet means going high on green.  Yes, increasing the consumption of greens or any vegetable for that matter, is great but that is not all ‘improving your diet’ is all about. If you want to lose weight, include a healthy amount of good quality proteins from natural food sources and supplements (if need be). Eat healthy carb types instead of completely omitting it out of your platter.
  • Do NOT skip meals. I repeat, do not skip meals. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether you feel hungry or not, have something small like a fruit platter or a bowl of yogurt or a boiled egg if you do not feel like eating much, but eat something. Skipping meals, especially breakfast is almost next to committing a crime towards your body. It not only sends your metabolism out of whack after a while but it also sets in motion a cycle of unhealthy eating habits that only add on to your persisting weight.  
  • Snack healthy. Because you are meant to eat a snack in between meals, don’t eat just anything that is easily available like chaat or vada pav or a packet of biscuits. Because these things are neither good in protein nor contain healthy carbs or fat this will become an unhealthy choice for snack. Instead, have something simple like a whole fruit, a protein shake or chana/ peanuts or some trail mix.
  • Limit and time stimulant intake (if any) well. Stimulants refers to tea, coffee, alcohol, refined sugar. If you are taking caffeine as a part of a fat burner or supplement, you have to make sure it is not too close to your bed time. Similarly, go easy on alcohol and sugar that add empty calories to your diet.

Here is a sample diet plan for weight loss:

Pre workout: If you take a fat burner, you can take the suppelement here along with 1 big banana or a bowl of fruits or a peanut butter sandwich.
Post workout: Protein shake + toast
Breakfast: 2 moong dal cheela OR omelette and 2 rotis OR oats pancakes + 1 cup of tea
Lunch: 1 big bowl of lentil soup/ Chicken soup with greens


2 rotis+ big bowl of lentils+ any vegetable or meat item + some salad


1 glass meal replacement shake for weight loss

Dinner: Same as lunch.  You can alternate brown rice or Jowar/ Bajri bhakri for roti
Bedtime: If hungry around bedtime, have a cup of warm milk


1 small bowl of dahi

*Snack options: Choose from fruits, nuts, natural yogurt, boiled sprouts, veggies and dip/ hummus/ protein shake, etc.


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Takeaway note:

Mix healthy diet routine with a steady workout schedule to help reach your target goal. Also, don’t miss out on drinking a decent amount of water to prevent dehydration.

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