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Foods for PCOS and Periods

If you have PCOS, eating right can help you in many ways. Read on to learn what should be a part of a PCOS diet plan.

Irregular periods, acne, excess body and facial hair, and excessive belly fat are more like the sure-shot signs of PCOS. Moreover, losing weight with PCOS is no less than a challenge in itself. 

Health experts blame PCOS on the hormonal imbalance in your body that causes resistance against insulin and weight loss in women. With a global prevalence of 6 to 26%, PCOS may also lead to many other health complications. It includes heart problems, high blood sugar levels, diabetes, depression, and cancer. 

However, according to experts, you can manage the signs and symptoms well with the right PCOS Diet Plan

How does a PCOS diet plan affect the condition?

An appropriate PCOS diet plan is one of the natural ways to manage PCOS. It mainly revolves around weight management and taking care of insulin production. 

Therefore, following a PCOS meal plan is the first step to PCOS treatment. It helps you meet your nutritional requirements, maintain a healthy weight, and allow your body to process insulin well.

The Ultimate PCOS Food List 

The foods below will hopefully help you manage PCOS naturally. Let’s read on!

  1. Vegetables and Fruits

Enjoy a colorful plate with leafy and dark green veggies, red-colored berries, and fruits in your diet. These antioxidant and nutrient-rich foods help regularize your periods and manage PCOS naturally.

  1. Whole grains

If you have developed insulin resistance, eat PCOS foods with high fiber content and low glycemic indexes, such as whole wheat flour, wheat pasta, poha, brown rice, and whole grains. 

  1. Flaxseed

If you get heavy periods, having flaxseeds before your cycle can help you get relief. It flushes out the unwanted estrogen that causes profuse bleeding with clots from your body. Flaxseed is also a great egg replacement.

  1. Nut and other seeds

Nuts and seeds, such as walnuts, almonds, pecans, chia seeds, and hemp seeds, are a powerhouse of Omega-3s. If losing Weight With PCOS is bothering you, include these superfoods as they are great for binge snacking.

  1. Healthy fats

Good fats from avocados, olive oil, coconuts, etc., are incredibly crucial PCOS Foods. These fats aid hormonal balance while allowing you to lose weight. 

  1. Chamomile tea

Home Remedies For PCOS like replacing caffeinated beverages with chamomile tea can work wonders. This aromatic concoction reduces hormone-induced anxieties and eases your muscles.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is a powerful herb with anti-inflammatory properties. It potentially minimizes insulin resistance and increases good cholesterol levels. 

  1. Banana

This fiber-rich fruit has a low glycemic index. Its nutritional content makes it an ideal food for women with PCOS.

  1. Chickpeas

Munching on chickpeas boosts your B6 levels while allowing your period cycles and flow to regularize.

  1.  Water

Adequate water intake keeps you hydrated and flushes out toxins from your body. Thus, it helps you manage your symptoms.

The Takeaways

While there is no specific cure for PCOS, you can manage the condition with a proper diet. However, sometimes, you fail to get an adequate amount of nutrition from the food you eat. It is where health supplements become critical. You may try OZiva Plant-Based HerBalance for PCOS with the goodness of Chasteberry, Shatavari, Red Raspberry, Ashoka, and other herbs. It is a certified clean product that is soy, gluten, and sugar-free. Visit the OZiva blog for more information on PCOS.

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