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September is the month dedicated to raising awareness of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is one of the most common endocrine conditions in women of reproductive age, yet surprisingly we know very little about its aetiology.

Did you know that 1 out of 5 Indian women have PCOS? 

However, 65% of women* don’t know what PCOS is? 

PCOS – Polycystic Ovary or Ovarian Syndrome is a condition where women experience hormonal imbalances in the body. It can cause various symptoms like an irregular menstrual cycle, difficulty getting pregnant, excess facial hair, acne, and other symptoms. The exact cause of PCOS is still unknown but doctors have linked it to various genetic and environmental factors. 

Surprisingly, a lot of women don’t know about the signs and symptoms of PCOS or are not comfortable speaking about it.

Here are some intriguing facts and figures from a recent survey that we conducted*. 

A majority of women have agreed that they prefer talking only to their mothers about this condition.

There is a large percentage of women who still think symptoms of PCOS will go away on their own. 

The lack of awareness and taboo attached to PCOS is the major reason why women suffer not just from the syndrome but the emotional distress that comes with it.

With OZiva #myPCOSstory campaign we want to change this. 

We hope to encourage more and more women to come out of this darkness – the lack of awareness, the myths, and taboos surrounding this condition. We want to empower each of you to come out and speak openly about this condition, while providing a safe environment to discuss, get help and provide authentic information about ways to manage PCOS.

We have begun this initiative in hopes of empowering and educating women so that they can educate and empower others around them. PCOS is manageable and together we could deal with the condition and conquer it, given we have the valid and authentic information regarding the condition. 

PCOS signs and symptoms are not to be ignored and it is extremely important to diagnose them at an early stage so as to manage the symptoms and treat them. To achieve this, awareness of PCOS is necessary.

A recent survey conducted by us showed that a lot of women were interested in learning more about PCOS and wanted genuine, authentic information on the same. 

Here is a curated list that we have for you at your request. It contains videos, expert panel conversations and more answering all your questions about PCOS.

  1. Foods For PCOS

2. How to lose weight with PCOS?

3. Why is PCOS awareness necessary?

4. How to control hairfall during PCOS?

5. All about PCOS – Expert Panel Discussion

Are you ready to educate yourself and educate those around you about PCOS? Here is a comprehensive list of expert articles, diet plans and more for you. 

PCOS: Symptoms and What You Can Do to Manage Them

How Can I Treat PCOS With Lifestyle Changes?

Top 10 Natural Foods For Your Period

If you have any queries or would like us to help you out in any way, please write to us at 

The campaign kickstarted in 2019 and has been active every year in September. 

The purpose of this campaign has always been to open conversations where women are sharing their experiences and insights about managing PCOS. 

*Data shared based on a survey done by OZiva on a base of around 1700 women and 1160 men.

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