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We often observe trainers and dieticians recommending a high protein diet to build a strong yet leaner body. Ever wondered how a high protein diet can help in reaching your fitness goals? Let’s break it down for you! Consuming a high amount of protein in your meals keeps you feeling full and prevents you from indulging in oily snacks or junk food. Basically, it’s the ultimate craving satiation device and it makes it so essential to have every day as a nutrient. 

In other words, you end up consuming fewer calories throughout the day if you’ve eaten a high protein diet meal. A high protein diet is the best way to lose weight naturally and improve your overall eating habits. Most dieticians and health experts also include several protein-rich foods to create the perfect protein diet plan for weight loss.

If your goal is to eat healthily and lose weight naturally, you too must be thinking of creating a protein diet plan for weight loss that suits you. The trick here is to not include too many protein sources in one meal but rather divide it throughout the day. Let us simplify this for you to create a high protein diet plan for weight loss! Keep reading to find out what you should be eating. 

  • Start by maintaining a nutritional diary

The ideal protein intake differs from person to person. To know your exact protein requirement, multiply your weight in kilograms by 0.6–0.75 grams. Once you’ve got the idea of your protein requirement, the next step is to plan a high protein diet with the right ingredients.

  • Try to include at least 25 to 30 grams of protein

While you may be aiming to complete your exact protein requirement by adopting a high protein diet, sometimes there may be fluctuations. In that case, research recommends that having even 25 to 30 grams of protein is also enough to lose weight, maintain muscles, and improve overall health. 

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  • High-quality proteins you should include in your diet

If you are a vegetarian, make sure to consume more sprouts, millets, oats, chickpeas, broccoli, Greek yoghurt, cheese, or cow’s milk. Add them to your meals, smoothies or water, and you’ll have the best protein diet plan for weight loss. The Indian vegetarian diet sometimes makes it difficult to source protein, but If you are not able to find these protein sources easily, then you can go for protein supplements to round out your high protein diet.  

  • Make sure your meal is well-balanced

While some protein-rich foods are also rich in dietary fibre, some are not. To ensure your food is easily digested, you should always supplement heavy foods like legumes with fruits and vegetables. It will help if you consume sufficient liquids after each meal from your high protein diet. If you are opting for a plant protein or whey protein supplement, go for an option with additional herbs that aid in better digestion. 

  • What your protein diet should look like

Wondering what an ideal high protein diet day looks like? Here’s a glimpse! 

You can start your day with a protein-rich snack or smoothie, multigrain toast, and a fruit. In the afternoon, you can keep it light with an avocado salad with cottage cheese and end the meal with sweet lime. For dinner, you can have a legume-rich option with vegetables. Protein-rich vegetables include broccoli, kale and spinach! The legumes here can include rajma or kidney beans, black-eyed beans (also known as lobia), chickpeas (also known as channa), and more! You can also include sprouts anywhere in your dinner. 

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The sample high protein diet above might easily help you get 100 grams of protein in a day. However, you can choose to customise your meal plans as per your body’s needs and the results you observe. Try to keep the foods that cause an adverse reaction to your body at bay, even though they may be rich in protein. OZiva’s expert team of nutritionists can help you find the perfect high protein diet plan for you, and you can include OZiva’s nutrition products like Protein & Herbs in your diet plan through smoothies, shakes, and desserts for better results including muscle building, recovery and holistic health. 


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