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Planning to buy whey protein but unsure about how to consume it? We’ve got you covered! We know you must have checked several sites by now and perhaps expect the same kind of instructions you’d get on the packaging of your product. But fret not, for we’re going to help you understand how to consume whey protein and how to identify different kinds of whey protein powders available in the market and their purposes.

In simple words, we will resolve most of your questions regarding whey protein, how to consume it, and when to take whey protein for muscle gain.

How to select the right whey protein

If you are just starting with the consumption of whey protein, choosing whey protein concentrate would be a great choice as it contains about 25% to 90% of whey protein. It’s recommended to initially start with lower quantities and then gradually increase them. Another type of protein that comes in the form of powder is whey isolate. You’ll often find this type of protein in snack bars or protein powders. 

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While there are several protein powders on the market, make sure you read their labels carefully. This way, you can check whether the whey protein is clean and free of contaminants, added sugar or any artificial sweeteners, or any other allergens. OZiva’s Protein & Herbs for Men and OZiva Protein and Herbs for Women  have been tested for 300 contaminants and cleared by the US Clean Label Project. To figure out a diet plan and exercise routine to match, speak to an expert team of nutritionists to know more! 

Best ways to take whey protein

Whey protein comes in several flavours. If you wish to consume your protein in the form of a smoothie milkshake, desserts, or simply mix it with water, you would want to go for a flavour you prefer. Once you’ve decided on the flavour and brought your preferred one home, the next step is to weigh the quantity you need as per your weight. If you’ve been inactive all this while and are starting with a new workout routine, consume around 0.4 grams per pound of your body weight. 

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Whey protein can be consumed in different forms as per your diet. You can blend it into your smoothie, add it to your shake, oatmeal, drinking water, porridge, cereal, salads, or chapatis. 

When to take it 

Gym trainers and other nutritionists often recommend the consumption of whey protein after 15 to 60 minutes of completing your exercise routine. This is known as an “anabolic window” where it helps in the faster recovery of the muscles and provides you with instant energy. According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, consuming protein any time up to two hours after your workout is ideal for building muscle mass. 

However, if you’re taking whey protein only for weight loss, consider having a protein-rich snack in between your meals. This way, you feel satiated earlier in the day and do not have to consume more calories later. 

Our Conclusion 

There’s no fixed rule on how to consume whey protein and when to take whey protein. It all depends on your fitness goals and diet plans. Keep in mind how your body reacts to different ways of consumption and different timings. Be prepared for trial and error as you start out with your new fitness plan. 


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