Whey Protein with Milk or Water?

Whey protein can be mixed with milk or water. But it remains a frequently asked question what is better with whey milk or water?

However consuming whey with milk or water both has their own significant uses. It is important to understand whether you want to gain weight and muscle mass or you want to lose fat.

Whey Protein with Milk:

Consuming whey protein with milk is the best option if you are trying to gain weight and muscle mass. If you are adding whey protein with milk it adds more protein and around 200 calories in one serving. This is useful if you are trying to gain weight. But your body can consume only a certain amount of protein in one serving. If proteins are consumed in excess quantity than your body can intake it will result into wastage. Also high protein intake may lead to high levels of uric acid which is one of its side effects.

Your body will absorb and digest protein slowly if you take whey protein with milk.

Whey Protein with Water:

If you want to lose weight or build lean muscle then taking whey protein with water is a better option. Whey protein with water digests and absorbs quickly which is essential to repair damage muscle real fast after workout sessions.

The protein powder with water mixes easily and it has lower density of liquid. The reason why people do not like whey protein with water is because of its taste. It tastes plain and bland.


The best option is to mix whey protein powder with water post workout to replenish muscle damage caused during exercise. Protein powders usually give 80 to 100 calories per serving so if you are on a diet, having whey with milk will increase your calorie load.

However if you are using 100% pure protein then you can mix this protein powder with milk as this will provide you with lesser calories. Also this protein powder provides variety of amino acids that will make your body digest it much faster.

Ensure that you are having at least 2 to 3 litres of water every day to maintain good health and aid in weight loss. Make sure that you are well hydrated so that your body helps in proper digestion of protein powder.



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