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Polycystic ovarian syndrome is the most commonly occurring endocrine disorder that hits women in during fertile age. And considering the various related outcomes of PCOS, managing it can be taxing but not impossible.

Often, the women are affected with imbalanced hormones that lead to a persistent weight gain which can be improved through lifestyle modifications in combination with diet and medical assistance.

Since one of the major implications of PCOS is insulin resistance, a diet that is low in carbs and high on protein has been found to be beneficial for many.

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Benefits of taking Whey protein during PCOS:

Whey protein is associated with several benefits with the major visible benefit being fat loss.

Protein having a higher thermic effect of food as compared to carbohydrate, is not only digested slowly but also increases the metabolic process.

This causes a prolonged feeling of satiety in addition to burning more and more amount of calories. Thus, you burn more and eat less. Also, whey protein being a rapidly absorbable protein type helps provide fuel for the exercising muscle, thus setting in the muscle protein synthesis. This means repair and development of new muscle fibers that have the potential to replace the fat mass, thereby giving you a low fat% and a toned body.

Secondly, whey has also been associated with correcting the insulin resistance which appears to be a major cause of concern among most women with PCOS. Not only that, but high amount of insulin present in the blood as a result of insulin resistance can cause release of more androgen hormones in females thereby creating the imbalance. A corrected insulin uptake by the cells ensures that there is no free-roaming sugar in the blood. Once corrected, the insulin urges the cells to bind to the glucose thereby decreasing the risk of sugar hikes and diabetes.

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Takeaway note:

Adding whey to the diet does not go to say that it will cure off the PCOS. But, in addition to making the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep, Whey Protein is most certain to help in coping with PCOS better.

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