Whey protein is nothing but a milk derivative extracted during the cheese-making process and exists as one of the most commonly used supplemental forms of protein. As such, there is nothing about whey intake that should worry you since it is a naturally occurring protein in the milk.

However, does using whey protein for a prolonged period of time under certain circumstances pose as a threat? Let’s find out.

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Daily allowance:

As per the RDA, adults need a basic of 0.8-1.0 gm. protein per kg of body weight per day. This figure, however, is changeable with relevance to the activity levels. Whey being a supplementary protein is consumed by the majority of people to help meet their protein demands. However, not everyone who drinks whey protein exercises. So how does this affect their bodies?

Whey minus the exercise:

Whey is often suggested to help build muscles, gain weight in the underweight or simply maintain weight and tone up the muscles.  And with a typical 30 gm serving a good protein shake does not give any more than 125-150 kcals in addition to the overall calories you have. However, if you are active on a regular basis, your chance of gaining unwanted weight is barely there.

But, if the protein that you take on a daily basis (including whey consumption) is more than necessary for your activity levels, then protein can either be metabolized to suit the body functions of be converted and stored as fat ultimately.  And this will have you putting on more weight than losing it with additional protein. That being said, there aren’t really big health risks related to not working out and taking whey except the fact that ultimately, all calories that enter the body are either utilized and burned through activity and if unused, are stored as fat for later use.

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Takeaway note:

Using whey protein can be tremendously beneficial but under the right circumstances. Any healthy food or health supplement cannot be expected to work its magic on its own without you also contributing to it halfway. Weight loss, a desirable fat% and a healthy body is a result of equal contribution from diet, exercise and necessary supplements.

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