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Without a doubt, a proper balanced meal is the best approach to keeping a healthy weight. But in times like these, a fast-paced lifestyle makes it difficult to always find time to eat healthy and on time. That is why the invention of Meal replacement shakes comes to the rescue of those who are strapped for time or convenience.

So, how do you find yourself the best Meal Replacement Shake that works?

Initially, Meal Replacement Shakes were products specifically targeted for athletes who needed extra fuel after grueling workouts. However, as of recent times, Meal Replacement Shakes are available for anyone who is looking to have a control over their eating pattern as well as weight.

The choices offered by several companies for Meal Replacement Shakes are boundless! And if you are exposed to such a variety, how do you choose the right product best suited for your goal? The process is very simple. There will be several products with numerous claims and benefits but it is paying close attention to the details in the nutrition facts label that will help you understand the product better. You will find, not all products are half as healthy as they claim to be. While some products might actually be containing healthy ingredients, some will contain filler ingredients just to make the product more tasteful and to add to its texture.

Here are the main points that you may need to pay attention to when looking at a Meal Replacement Shakes:

  • Source of protein: The reason for opting a meal replacement is weight loss, more often than not. And only a good quality product is worth investing your time and effort in. Check for a product that contains a moderate amount of protein, that is, at least 20 gm. per serving. Another major point to consider when looking at protein is its source. The best source of protein is whey protein over a plant protein, since whey has a complete amino acid profile that helps meet the body’s protein demand and keeps you full for longer.


  • Caloric value: The ideology behind a meal replacement is to replace a meal in a healthy way. A standard meal may vary anywhere between 300-500 kcal and a meal replacement shake is designed in a way that it contains half the amount of calories compared to meal and is more nutrient dense. Replacing any one meal with a MRS creates some room for calorie control and in the long run, helps you bring down some kilos too.


  • Check for the carbohydrates: As mentioned earlier, a lot of products use a lot of sugars and thickeners for enhancing the taste and texture of the product. This not only adds to the empty calories to the shake but also defeats the purpose of taking one. Go for a product that has no more than 10 gm of sugar per serving and the total carbohydrate content is lower than that of protein.


  • Micronutrients: Since you will be replacing an entire meal with a shake, you don’t want to be missing out on any necessary minerals and vitamins. And to fill this gap, good MRS provide at more than 25 micronutrients so that you get the complete benefit of a balanced meal.


  • Lastly, ensure that the product has hunger blockers and dietary fiber which will keep your digestion smooth and hunger pangs at bay while helping you with weight loss, ultimately.


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