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A meal replacement shake (MRS) is an excellent way to get optimum nutrition while also keeping a close tab on your total calorie control. An MRS being low in calories helps you create a sort of calorie-deficit situation so that you lose weight over time.
Although the idea is to replace an entire meal with a shake, the question that many people ask is: When should I take the shake for the best results?

Getting the basics right:

First and foremost, what you need to understand is MRS will only work as long as you give your lifestyle a complete makeover. That is, while you are going to be replacing meals, you will also need to ensure that the ones you don’t replace are healthy too. And to see those amazing results, you will need to make it a point that a regular workout routine is set up too. Unless these two basic conditions are in place, you might not see the results.

What do you need to do?

Evaluate your eating pattern. Maintain a journal/ log and keep a track of how you eat throughout the day. Following this for a week will tell you whether you usually have a heavier dinner or miss breakfast often or have frequent cravings throughout the day that you cannot curb.
There are several shakes that suggest you swap a minimum of 2 meals a day with a healthy drink. But, what that does to your body is, it accentuates a caloric deficiency that will lead to more hunger pangs instead of limiting them. So, instead of replacing 2 meals, have it only in place of one meal. This is where the journal where you have been tracking your food intake will come to help.

When can you have it?

Do you feel that you skip breakfast more often than not? Well if you do, you must know that this is the first step to derailing nutrition. The dangers of skipping breakfast are that you not only starve yourself unnecessarily but you are also preventing your body from the necessary energy it needs at the start of a day to get through the rest of it.
Whether you are someone who wakes up late and hates making breakfast or just someone in a rush that you cannot find the time for a small meal, then you should aim at having a Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast. You can add in the fruits if you are a fitness junkie or simply mix some coffee if you can’t start your day without one.

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Nothing spells breakfast better than convenience + nutrition all packed into one shake!

If you ever notice, a dinner meal is usually the one meal that the family eats together even if they don’t get to sit together for the rest of the meals. And it so happens often, that when you are eating together the meal is more whole-heartedly cooked for everyone. The meal is delicious and the family time is merry but what often gets ignored is keeping a track of how much of what is being eaten. Compared to eating alone, you would not be paying as much attention to the quantity of food being eaten at a given time. Therefore, chances are the dinner meal happens to be the heaviest meal of the day.
While there is nothing wrong in eating with the family, you might want to consider this: when you take in a certain amount of calories, you need to ensure that equal or more calories are burnt. If not put to use, the glucose from these calories gets stored as fats and keeps adding to your weight.
In such a case, you can opt for having a MRS instead of your regular dinner meal, 2-2.5 hours prior to bedtime. Low in calories, and high in protein and fibre, a glass of meal replacement shake is sure to keep you full and away from midnight hunger pangs.

A healthy snack
Another option is to have a glass of meal replacement shake as a mid-day or early evening snack. Some days, a busy schedule could mean difficulty in making out time to eat something healthy.
That is exactly when a MRS can come to your rescue. It is convenient to carry, store and mix it up whenever you choose to have it. You can either pair it up with a few nuts or some fruits to up that health quotient. You will be having a healthy, protein-rich snack ready in no time.

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Final Takeaway:
Meal replacement shakes can be ideally suggested for 1-2 months for most. This time period is long enough to make you notice the understand your body better and also serves as a good kick-starter to gradually make progressive changes to your health as well as lifestyle.

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