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Some say that a protein rich diet can “leach” calcium from bones and cause osteoporosis. However, there is not enough evidence to support these claims. It is commonly believed that a high protein intake can cause weaker bones.

According to the theory the protein increases the acid load of your body, which then causes the body to take calcium out of the bones to neutralize the acid. Although there are studies showing increased calcium excretion for a short period but this effect does not persist for a long time. In fact one long term study, replacing carbohydrate with meat did not affect calcium excretion and improved some hormones that promote bone health.

There is no evidence that increased protein harms the bones. The evidence points to a higher protein intake improving bone health and not the other way round.

There are few other studies and papers showing that protein represents a key nutrient for bone health and aids in the prevention of osteoporosis. It improves bone density and lowers the risk of fractures and also increases IGF essential to bone growth and development. As you grow older your body produces less of it which can lead to weaker bones over time.

A high protein diet causing osteoporosis is a myth with literally zero evidence to back it up. A high protein diet actually protects your bones. Studies in past few years show that woman who eat a high protein diet more than 85 grams of protein a day have the lowest risk developing a fracture.

And that’s not all, protein is important for transporting calcium in the body. Having enough protein, your body is properly able to absorb calcium you get from food or supplements.

A high protein diet does not contribute to osteoporosis. In fact, studies show that animal protein supports healthy bones. You can get good quality protein from animal sources like milk and milk products, eggs, lean meat and plant sources like pulses, beans, legumes, soyabeans, dals, nuts, protein combos cereal+veg,example khichdi, pulse+veg example sabzi. 


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