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Nutritional deficiencies are bound to occur considering our lifestyle. Micronutrients are of special concern since we do not include all the food groups in our meals. Omega-3 Supplements is one such micronutrient that we tend to be deficient in.

Traditionally, supplements were not considered necessary, and the whole notion around supplements was pretty much to the negative side. You must have come across many people who take supplements for omega fatty acids. What do you think? Is it necessary or hyped? 

But before getting to that question, let’s go back to the basics. 

What Is Omega-3?

An omega-3 fatty acid is an essential nutrient. It is crucial for our existence, but it is not produced in the body. Therefore, it has to be managed externally through our diet. All the omega-3 rich food sources in an Indian diet are the ones that are either consumed less frequently or in fewer portions— plant oils, seeds, nuts. Omega-3 fatty acids deficiency is therefore common in many individuals. A layperson will not always notice it since the symptoms are negligible— skin and hair health deterioration, fatigue, joint pain, muscle cramps, flu-like symptoms, and some more. This is where supplements come into the picture.

Types of Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are of three types – docosahexaenoic acid or DHA, eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA, and Alpha-linolenic acid or ALA. DHA and EPA are readily absorbable forms found in animal sources, whereas ALA found in plant-based sources has to be metabolised into DHA and EPA. Not all the ALA is converted to DHA and EPA in the body, so it can be tricky to correct your deficiency through diet.

Why Omega-3 Supplements Are a Must for Health

The symptoms of omega-3 deficiencies may be negligible, but the consequences can be equally harmful. Omega-3 is vital for everything right from immunity to cardiovascular health.

  1. Plant-based supplements are better in bioavailability (absorption in the body). This helps correct the deficiencies more efficiently and in a short period, unlike food sources of omega-3. 
  2. These are not only important from a health and wellbeing point of view but also necessary for athletes and people who are into strenuous physical activities. For them, food sources are not enough, so supplements are the go-to option. 
  3. Vegetarian or vegan omega-3 supplements like OZiva Omega Multi provide both EPA and DHA without compromising on dietary or lifestyle choices.

Health or Hype?

Times have changed, and our needs have too. In the cases of deficiencies, a supplement is necessary. A plant-based one is your best option for its bioavailability and the time required to correct the deficiency. So, opt for OZiva Omega Multi, a plant-based omega-3 supplement that ensures you get all the three forms of fatty acids that are essential for your body. If your body and health demands supplements then give it that without thinking whether it’s hyped, popular or not. Listen to your body, your nutritionists and not what the world says. 

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